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How to trade games, cards and everything else in your Steam inventory.

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More on Trading Games: http://youtu.be/DzLvsYkliTA How to make a Steam Trade Link: http://youtu.be/rAM5MUE3j9o Join My Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GeniusPieTrap
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Text Comments (553)
The RBLX 2234 (26 days ago)
guys im trying to trade a scream fortress X item but I cant.. can someone help me pls ;-;
爪ㄖ卩丂Mops (1 month ago)
Mine is just a blackscreen, nothing happens. :(
Indrajith jithu (1 month ago)
@[email protected] can you gift me pubg game
Alex Andersen (3 months ago)
Mad max for Ark or arma 3
Nydex (3 months ago)
How do I put my PUBG Items in my Steam Inventory?
Clayton (7 months ago)
Gmod, gta 5, csgo, rocket league, siege, for farcry 5
FendzTASTIC ! (6 months ago)
Bear I have just cause 3, wanna trade?
Tahmid Lasker (7 months ago)
Can you trade on steam if you haven't spent 5 dollars?
Circle Track TV (8 months ago)
how do you trade games ??? not inventory. This didnt help at all
Kris_P.Bacon (9 months ago)
for me, my inventory cannot be seen (even if i made it public)
INVIS_YT (10 months ago)
You know if you have to click bait you should delete your channel
Unknown Official (11 months ago)
gta 5 and gta 5 online for overwhach
FlamingBird (11 months ago)
i came here because when i trade with someone i dont see my inventory items
AceGamez (1 year ago)
You said games as well how do I trade games you need to title your vids better
What about games!!!
NOOBGUY (1 year ago)
so ı hav to br freinds with that guy to trade rly
felix segl (1 year ago)
at me its saying that i need to wait 15 days or so?
GamingCranium (1 year ago)
i have Moto Racer 4 2017 (30$) i need CS:GO ( i know i i will loose 15$ but my pc cant run it )
Madhav Raval (1 year ago)
message me i can trade account with u message me on steam menominion
Lena- Lenok (1 year ago)
tutotal is uncleared i dont have premium account
CallOfGaming (1 year ago)
Max Dawson (1 year ago)
I have CS:GO and I'm looking to trade it for Rocket League :) My name is: maxdawsy_ Add me as a friend then msg me:)
Bootlegkachu (1 year ago)
when I drag things it doesn't work
Shibariun (11 months ago)
Double click it :) Np
Hero Green (1 year ago)
But if i trade. Then i just... It shows NOTHING!
Mikke 666 (1 year ago)
Hero Green your items ain't tradeable dumdum
quick scoper (1 year ago)
how do i trade a game
Melanie V (1 year ago)
right, but what if I don't have any friends?
Lalala Khan (1 year ago)
Will exchange csgo for r6s or something or anything
Ryan 3d Prints (1 year ago)
So my stepdad has gta v but doesn't play it could he transfer it to me that way?
Blakk Beats (1 year ago)
I have DayZ and MW2 I need dead by daylight or Friday the 13th
Ziovloc (1 year ago)
can i sell games on steam? inventory?
Daske Naruto (1 year ago)
i can trade 2 copies of rocket league FOR FRIDAY the 13th
Shaggy (7 months ago)
ill trade friday the 13th for skyrim legendary edition
How do u trade games
Eagleizer (1 year ago)
How to trade games? Your title imply that you would explain that!
Xavier Crawford (1 year ago)
I have H1z1 and payday 2 GOTY edition but no friends
Alex Kellner (1 year ago)
i have deux ex mankind divided if anyone wants to trade '
BoarderPlays (6 months ago)
Alex Kellner sure
Isak Öijerstedt (1 year ago)
You didnt till me how to trade games you only did show us how to trade games
Foxy KingZ (1 year ago)
csgo for slime rancer
Rauf44 (1 year ago)
Mortal kombat X komplete edition for FSX
Water Shark Edits (1 year ago)
The guy didn't even show to trade games
Fuze Johnny (1 year ago)
ark for 7 day to die
FlorEzDoesIt (1 year ago)
Brandon Saunderson (1 year ago)
Guys kinda sounds like Fitz at 1.5 speed.
Chayse McLean (1 year ago)
you never said hot to trade games
13b Rx8 (1 year ago)
I have arma 3 for trade
Davo2013 (1 year ago)
vid starts at 2:09
john charly (1 year ago)
Steam Trade Wоw this rеаllу wоrks, tооdау I did рrеviоuslу add rеsоurсссеs оn Steam Trade Hack , I will сооооmе bаck аnd trу аgаin tоmоrrоw, I hаve sаvеd thе link fоr уоu guуs. http://steamtradehackfreedownloadhack2014.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/an-essay-on-steam-trade-hack-free.html
Andrew Legend (1 year ago)
Does this one requires a special steam level or sth like that??
Mr AllGoodGamer (1 year ago)
Masilator (1 year ago)
in the title of the video you said trade games,but i cant find how to actually trade games,is it even possible
Robbie Robert (2 years ago)
Who wants to trade rose of the tomb raider for something
miles is (2 years ago)
i have cod waw and cs go hmu if u want to trade, i am pretty open but mainly want gang beasts
Masilator (1 year ago)
ay m8 i would want the cod waw but idk what i could trade for it,i have woodle tree adventure and i have gaben simulator (im not sure if i still really have it or not but i thiiink i do)and we could discuss stuff :3
MrJtzombies (2 years ago)
trading Day z for cs-go reply to me for details
TixTac (2 years ago)
How do I enable trade
Archimedes (2 years ago)
I gawt duh jag i traded it from mah fwend c:
Andrew Currie (2 years ago)
I have a question, I trade in tf2 and when I traded it said I needed to accept it through my e-mail and wait 15 days. I don't know how long it's been but I think I've passed 15 days, and I dont have those things
Megan Munoz (5 months ago)
Can you get highjack or robbed trading carda for cards?
James Currie the person u traded with didnt go in his email and download the app it makes u not have to wait 15 days
Ryan Kamel (2 years ago)
Who wants to trade
Potato (2 years ago)
apraman (2 years ago)
vJm (2 years ago)
i have to wait till the 24th wtf thats stupid, i have skins but cant do anything with them is there a way to get passed the waiting time?
OwenAteMyCat (2 years ago)
do they have to be your friend?
K Gold (2 years ago)
OwenAteMyCat double click
OwenAteMyCat (2 years ago)
I Also can't frag and drop my items to the person im trying to trade to :/
A.M. Photo (2 years ago)
steam trade https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=10884111&token=o_rgJEGu
Colton Capps (2 years ago)
i came here for games and you didn't tell us how
Blasto Blazer (1 month ago)
more like shame?
Masilator (1 year ago)
Pietro Aoun (2 years ago)
you did not tell us how to trade a game with someone
ivoryknights2 (2 years ago)
I am trading "Borderlands 2" for "7 Days To Survive!"
zefanya adrian (2 years ago)
how about... sell games, not card or badge
PandaKing (2 years ago)
i get something with a email pls help me
jimmy walls (2 years ago)
im looking to trade a game for cs go DR.awesome2559 just look in my inventory and see what you want im willing to trade anything !! beside gta v
Chicken Dadddyy (2 years ago)
how do i trade a game plz help
jimmy walls (2 years ago)
DR.awesome2559 thats my steam just give me a message
nigward (2 years ago)
ill trade CSGO or Garry's Mod for something
Madhav Raval (1 year ago)
message me on steam: menominion ;;;;;i have garrys mod for u
James Balazy (2 years ago)
+James Balazy (Little Links) gmod***
James Balazy (2 years ago)
I have good! I'll trade
Sean Kane (2 years ago)
It wont work for me
V3LDE (2 years ago)
How did he trade automaticaly like do u have to be friends with them to make it automatic?
feona slime (2 years ago)
jawad rashdan (2 years ago)
I'm trading the game reign of kings (can't run game on PC) for rocket league
TheRealJet (2 years ago)
oh my b
TheRealJet (2 years ago)
im trading the crew for gta v or bo2 or maybe anything else
Bandit Leader (2 years ago)
You can only trade games if it's a gift
Poco Loco (2 years ago)
Someone that wants to trade their speedrunners for The forest or Saints row the third ?
Riley Kuhl (2 years ago)
you didnt even say how to trade games just fucking cards...
Dean Yordanov (2 years ago)
I use Steam to play games. Never knew what the inventory was for. Sometimes when I order a game I see a notification about new items in my inventory but I never knew what to do with them so they just expire.
John (2 years ago)
will anyone trade black ops 2 for arma 2 and dayz?
MikePlays (2 years ago)
can u make a solovideo when u show how to trade games?
skunky465 (2 years ago)
i will trade any one fallout new vegas ultimate edition for cs:go
MR.XUBEJA TV (2 years ago)
thx dudeeeee! :D
Septo (2 years ago)
"17 team fortress 2 items" (it writes 7) "81 Dota 2 items" (it writes 61) do you know how to read numbers?
add me ssaltyz/please lucky please lucky i'm trading Borderlands 2 ($19.99) for a csgo skin ($15-20)
TheRussian Rabbit (2 years ago)
would anyone want to trade something for subnautica or Lego worlds
TheRussian Rabbit (2 years ago)
okay I will take Halo Spartan Assault just what is your steam name
The Living Derp (2 years ago)
sure take your pick out of: halo spartan assault, enter the gungeon, castle story or gmod for lego worlds
vaclav hrdlicka (2 years ago)
sell garry's mod for cs:go
Truck and Duck Express (2 years ago)
Thanks you're the only one that explained it good enough where even I can do it. Thanks man.
CALSTECH&GAMING (2 years ago)
I've not long made a steam account and I purchased it and it's not letting me trade with another user
Bandit Leader (2 years ago)
Steam guard active for 1 month
DalekWindmill (2 years ago)
you sound like sips from the yogscast
Panquake 321 (1 year ago)
+abdelkder algerien actually i would like my virus in platinum gold please.
Bandit Leader (1 year ago)
+abdelkder algerien nice virus
Panquake 321 (1 year ago)
+Tausef Nobel I like my virus in gold please.
Bandit Leader (2 years ago)
+Tausef Nobel free virus? oh boy, my favourite
Bandit Leader (2 years ago)
Nah sips sounds more disabled
Franklin Barrientos (2 years ago)
Last night when I download Steam and download loads of game, I forgot about my PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Lite, Gamecube, PSP, and PC (Steam) games. This five packages keep coming everywhere, and I normally got 500 GamesMaster Books and Magazines. I trade it for new games. But I forgot about the downloading Steam games, so I refused not to do it, yup, you know what they say. This is what I deserve.
Blazz'n Gaming (2 years ago)
anyone want terraria for csgo
xX_PuSsY DeStRoYeR_Xx (2 years ago)
I DO (or ill give it for starbound or BO2 or BO1 your choice) reply and ill send u ma ID
Blazz'n Gaming (2 years ago)
+Blazz'n Gaming my name is williwongsuper
Tiger Sangboutsady (2 years ago)
Anyone selling Rust?
PROGAMMER (2 years ago)
Trade me GUYS https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=248841899&token=cPbQWAm9
emīls gecēvičs (2 years ago)
Hey, guys! Trading ''The ship'' (gift) for some Cs go / Tf2 keys ,3 - 4 keys.
Ludd tip (2 years ago)
The culling for cs go ? :D
Alesia Lilly (2 years ago)
3 steam keys for terraria
jacob dack (2 years ago)
rocket league for csgo
jacob dack (2 years ago)
to late and in have rocket league I know it was on sale
Mulgamas (2 years ago)
+grim gaming I will trade rocket league for csgo my name is sojy37
Francisco Robinson (2 years ago)
How do u trade games
Its Rob (2 years ago)
Trading black ops 3 for black ops 2 add me YoBoyRob if interested
Its Rob (2 years ago)
+SkushUPzz add me on steam YoBoyRob
Skushyy (2 years ago)
how to trade games? I have bo2
Allan Hof (2 years ago)
Anyone trades Dark Souls 1 or 2? I got Hurtworld, Rust or Skyrim for trade.
NickDeer (2 years ago)
Any one selling prison architect?
Tomskeh (2 years ago)
Csgo for h1z1 or bo2 any1?
Bandit Leader (2 years ago)
You can only trade games if it's a gift
Tyler PR (2 years ago)
Ill give you csgo for bo2 and h1z1
TheMinecraftTeam (2 years ago)
maybe ;)
Kayo (2 years ago)
mk9 for csgo?
Zeemaz (2 years ago)
I will give Beam.ng Drive and Just cause 2 CS:GO Garrys mod for gta acount

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