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Arch Linux + Beryl + BFG geForce 6200 oc

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Anybody who continues to dismiss Linux for the Desktop has not been paying attention to what's been happening for the past two years.
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Stoner Nation (3 years ago)
its in your phones lol linux is every here electronic sings survers satlites
jayson LeDesma (8 years ago)
Imagine if a company as BIG as Google mad a distro of Linux!!! i hear its in the works due to the success with the Android os for smartphones...
Fredrik Hansson (9 years ago)
I have used Ubuntu for 3 years now and yes, Linux has grown into a fully usable OS. However, it still lacks software and hardware support compared to OS X and especially Windows. Also, lack of standards is a big problem in Linux.
evil hero (9 years ago)
totally,.......or if i could convert my self to a console gamer.......
dangus (9 years ago)
if linux had full compatibility for windows games i would never use windows again..
MoonOvIce (9 years ago)
People who dimiss it are simply idiots and never tried it and CLEARLY don't know what they are talking about...Linux has been better for EVERYTHING for a long time, and I'm a hardcore PC gamer and I'm saying that...I have 2 drives, a 640gb for Vista which I use exclusively for games and that's it, and a 500gb drive with Ubuntu 8.10 (though I'm trying Arch Linux tomorrow) and I can even watch TV just like you here on Ubuntu, I can do anything I can on Windows and more...also better, except games.
darkroronoa (10 years ago)
gonna install ubuntu soon ^^ i hope my 6200 will work with beryl well :D
chaoticoracle225 (10 years ago)
k thanks but can i know what drive of nvida for open soucre u use at least just a drive name cuase it has been annoying me for months ps mine is also pci so we can relate
Hellow (10 years ago)
Well, for me (i have a pci GeForce 6200 running Ubuntu) Ubuntu uses Restricted Drivers. Any drivers in linux will /not/ work in widows, period. Sorry.
chaoticoracle225 (10 years ago)
hay man may i ask what drive ur using for ur geforce 6200 on linux i use the 80 series on vista just becuase its ike the newest 1 that works but which dirve r u using please respond
Benjamin button (11 years ago)
dayum vista can eat the shit outa my brown starfish (ass) that is what i call sexy!!!!
macewan (11 years ago)
very nice submission :-)

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