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Fallout 3 running on a Low End System with GeForce 6200

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Fallout 3 running on a Low End System. Processor: AMD Athlon 1.6 Ghz System RAM: 768 MB DDR1 (1x512 + 1x256) @ 333 Mhz System Board: Asus A7N266-VM Video Card: GeForce 6200 - 512 MB DDR2 @ AGP 4X This is below the official minimum requirements which are: Processor: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz System Memory: 1 GB Video Card: GeForce 6800 Resolution is 800x600 and every graphic option is set to the minimum except for the texture size, which is medium because otherwise I could not read some signs and texts. The frame rate is a little bit better than what you see in the video. This is because the video capturing software that I used takes some system resources and the game starts dropping some frames. In this video, the audio is out of sync, but this is because the video capturing software is not working properly. Audio works OK in the game.
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Text Comments (258)
Bva Yay (2 years ago)
AMD it's not strong as Inter cores I recommend Inter or Nvidea
saber (3 years ago)
Someone should try this on a 2.1Ghz AMD Anthlon Dual-Core 16 QL-64 with Nvidia GeForce 8200M G
Ghani Naoval (3 years ago)
can i run it 1 GB ram 256 Vram 1,3 GHZ?
ϟChris Joyceϟ (3 years ago)
Could i run this? Processor: Intel Core i3 1.7ghz Dual core Video: Intel hd 4400 2gb RAM: 8gb
ϟChris Joyceϟ (3 years ago)
+MetalBoy21 I think it depends on how much normal ram u have I had 8gb but after I downgraded to 4gb it was 512mb
ϟChris Joyceϟ (3 years ago)
ok thanks
VoydPunk (3 years ago)
+Chris Joyce Yes! And I think that you can run it on Ultra .
Psycho Groupie (3 years ago)
how many fps will i be getting: Amd Semprom LE-1150 2.1 ghz 896mb ram nvidia nforce 630a/geforce 7025
Tuan Cuong Pham (3 years ago)
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2117u 1.8ghz Intel HD 2500 2gb RAM can i run it? if can, how can i reduce lag?
Tuan Cuong Pham (2 years ago)
no, its an ASUS X451CA
TS Like (2 years ago)
i have the same config do you have a HP Elite PC ?!
Tuan Cuong Pham (3 years ago)
CalculuS (3 years ago)
+Tuan Cuong Pham Should be playable.
RADINNS (3 years ago)
I was running this on intel pentium 4 at 2.8ghz, 1.5gb ram and radeon 9550 256mb
Uroš Kukovič (3 years ago)
any games suggestions? for: processor:3GHz RAM:4 gb Graphic card:NVIDIA GeForce 6600 2GB
Xanthium (4 years ago)
im running this with medium settings on a Quad Core AMD A4-5000 HD Proccessor, with 16gb ram, 1.5ghz at about 20-30fps with 8 mods installed, only 1 visual mod. its all really based on your hertz and your graphics card, and @Ricky Nelson you probably could not since you would need more power going to your CPU in order to play this game efficiently
Rick (4 years ago)
Can I run this with a .3GHz?
Brad Loyo (4 years ago)
I NEED HELP!!!!! will it run better worse same or will it even run at all with these specs CPU Intel Celeron Processor N2805 1.5GHz GPU Intel 2GB RAM
Brad Loyo (4 years ago)
I NEED HELP!!!!! will it run better worse same or will it even run at all with these specs CPU Intel Celeron Processor N2805 1.5GHz GPU Intel 2GB RAM
Spookster Gaming (4 years ago)
I get around 160fps on my $400 gaming desktop itx mini
EchoGrafix (5 years ago)
Late post but not sure 1.4 ghz is enough for low to medium setting dont know about lower
total creeper (5 years ago)
Could I run this on a 1.3 ghz computer
JaniFTW (5 years ago)
Can I run it with Geforce Fx 5600????
PokeBurnPlease (6 years ago)
Requiments are not a Dual core 2,4 GHz!!! iTS Singel core 2,4GHZ!!!
rabasiticamphibian (6 years ago)
looks like the xbox version
Chemical_E (6 years ago)
That video card basically saves this from being completely unrunnable.
minykootra (6 years ago)
nope got a better pc not its intel pentium dual 3.4 ghz 6gb ram evga geforce gtx 650 1 g ddr5 and ur pc is like mine was when i boght it if i had my old graphics card i would send it to you
Gogoplexiorayo2 (6 years ago)
this was the last game i played on my geforce 6800 before i bought a new pc. My third most favorite game of all time.
Darth Dante (6 years ago)
I'll be attempting to run Fallout 3 on a Pentium 4 2.58ghz with the same graphics card and 2 gb RAM....reckon it'll work?
Darth Dante (6 years ago)
So? No-one cares.
smellmycatbro (6 years ago)
i dont get it my pc looks amazing when i play high on skyrim but when i play it on fallout it looks worse than this =/
Drew Sheffield (6 years ago)
I do believe are laptops are pretty similiar... mine is better but im still curious if it will work before i buy it... if you dont mind, tell me if you can run it plz
minykootra (6 years ago)
when i said "slow ass pc mine is" i ment urs is slow AND mine is...
minykootra (6 years ago)
slow ass pc mine is: Processor- Intel (R) Pentium (R) D dual core 3.40 GHz Ram- 4gb ddr3 1600 MHz Graphics Card- Evag GeForce gt 610 4gb gddr3 ram (graphics ram) now this is a decent pc custome built oh ya stock- Dell Optiplex 745 motherboard.
Yu Zhou (6 years ago)
if you use gamebooster it help better fps test by me with this card
ThomThomV (6 years ago)
@Reddeadhead14 I don't think you will be able to if your CPU's speed is just 1.0ghz, sorry. Feel your pain bro I really want to play this but my current rig is complete crap T___T
tyser wood (6 years ago)
its because have a pc DA
Daniel Grant (7 years ago)
thanks for reply sob :(
Daniel Grant (7 years ago)
got it off the internet
Daniel Grant (7 years ago)
ideo Card NVIDIA® Quadro NVS 135M4 The NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M offers all the latest graphics technology to produce extraordinary visual effects, robust wide-aspect LCD support and compatibility with all major business applications. Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (Up to 256MB shared5) The GMA X3100 graphics core is an intelligent and responsive graphics engine built into the chipset that is on the motherboard. can you tell me if its any good
MyVash12349 (7 years ago)
i have a bit better laptop how can i run it PLSS tell me if you do ill sub =)
arlette aplaon (7 years ago)
@nenq123 almost as mine but mine is mobile intel(4) series express chipset family
Osório (7 years ago)
o and the game of the year version is heavier in image requirements? and could i download mods to it?(i have the 360 version but im downloading this one so i can have fun with mods and my 360 vesion will be for me have fun with the story and gaining the achievements, and of course discovering more andd more of the wasteland).
Osório (7 years ago)
hey guys i'm currently buying geforce 8500 GT. lets just make an example if i had the shittiest pc in the world could i run this game like 6/10? or it would be 7/10 8/10... or 4/10?
dogei (7 years ago)
@DarkAssassinGAMES Awesome, i can't wait to begin my adventure in the wasteland once again, thank you so much :)
dogei (7 years ago)
@DarkAssassinGAMES How well can i run it? im not that good with computers :(
dogei (7 years ago)
i got a: Intel i7 quad core 2.2GHz with a booster (3.1GHz) nvidia GeForce GT 540M 8GB of RAM Can i run this game?
kingdomheartsguy44 (7 years ago)
@MentalyFeard Got a new harddrive 2 months ago that doesnt make any noise like before when I play fallout. Maybe I can get Swtor to work despite what ive been told.
EnigMatiC (7 years ago)
@kingdomheartsguy44 ?It's better if u get rid of that intergrated GPU bro, it's not for gaming although it will run your pc will struggle. Get a geforce 220 atleast, if your CPU can take it
Matt Ullom (7 years ago)
@xNITEHAWK54x it told me I can't run l4d2 and I can run it full graphics no problem 50 to 60 frames
Matteo Gasho (7 years ago)
I have e4500 2.2 Ghz,gf6200 TC 512 mb,1gb ram,160 gb hdd....could i run this game,Can you run it said i couldnt? :/
kingdomheartsguy44 (7 years ago)
can it run with geforce 6150SE nforce 430
Chickenhunter22 (7 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor YEa but some times it lies..I can run cod4 when Cir says i cant
Brian Woo (7 years ago)
do you think that an x4500mhd video card would run this? even on lowest settings?
Hanif Miah (7 years ago)
download a low res pack
CitytaxiCitytaxi (7 years ago)
ATI Radeon HD 3200?
Ryan Stephens (7 years ago)
@JCtub3r It depends on what graphics you have as well. I have 4gb of RAM but i don't have a powerful enough graphics card.
blueovalfan23 (8 years ago)
@Reashun14 i guess. from what i'm reading it intercepts direct x and waters it down so the game isn't so heavy on the gpu. if it was me, i'd get a better card.
IsorSOT (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor well,there is a demos of games
IsorSOT (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor don't use "can i run it" because is a crappy site,to check,that can your PC run a game,just download and install this game and try to run it,really,"can i run it" saying,that i can't play BF2,but i can play this pretty good on my PC
BeatTheSystemR1 (8 years ago)
dont forget guys, some sites say you cant run it because of your gfx card but if you have a good enough processor and ram you can run it
Frank Glass (8 years ago)
@JCtub3r ... yes
blueovalfan23 (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor i should have prolly mentioned that if it's questionable to check pass mark for cpu/gpu benches and ati/nvidia for the video card specs (shaders, direct x version ect..). pc gaming is not for the weak minded though. this stuff is simple but there are always going to be the few who don't have a clue. that's where the cunyourunit comes in. that might be why my old rig wouldn't run crysis as i think it should... no bacon grease...
blueovalfan23 (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor it is right most of the time. sometimes the recomendations are incorrect. i have aathlon II x3 450 and it told me to upgrade to what was a slower cpu. anyway i doubt most will see this. i thought it was funny personally
Sucrezify (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor I mean it is incorrect when it does it. It said a game would not run on my computer, but it worked fine.
Sucrezify (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor that shit doesn't work
Likeimleet (8 years ago)
I'm currently using Cambodia 19-42qz pc
Likeimleet (8 years ago)
Can i run it with a nice FPS? Processor: Intel Deinos Sauros 0.12 Ghz RAM: 8mb of LAMB (Lamb And Man Beef), Couldn't afford RAM sorry. Graphics Card: 12mb ATO Radeon Non-HD 120
Jo Jojo (8 years ago)
does anyone know if ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card will support it
Ben belzile (8 years ago)
@TheXboxDoctor thats only based on the minimum and recomended specs. it does if it'll run it smooth. anyways, ben
Rowdyspartan (8 years ago)
does it matter if you have a terrible processor, but about 3-4 GB of Ram? as i am thinking of upgrading my old desktop with graphics card and RAM
Kutas (8 years ago)
i have question, i have pentium 4 3.0 ghz, 1.76gb ram and graphic card is ge force 6200 can i run this game with nicely fps?
CommanderShepard2000 (8 years ago)
@diegoabruno Were all the game settings turned down to bare minimum?
Jimmy Rustler (8 years ago)
what fps without fraps ?
MrHaxman123 (8 years ago)
OK i got ram 2GB, a 1.8 GHz processor(dont know how many cores) windows 7,and a GeForce6150SE nForce430,can i run this at least at 8-15 FPS?I don't care about the graphics.
MrHaxman123 (8 years ago)
@Mitsu3000gt515 Yeah,the minimum requirements are 2.4 and yours is 30 GHz so itll work,and go fast.
Pooru-chan (8 years ago)
@OverLean ya i fix the problem just downloadet another version of the game not zip but rld and it works fne no lag now :P
ouy kcuf (8 years ago)
@kokis55 i get the same thing did u fix ur problem?
ouy kcuf (8 years ago)
did u ever get CTD while using that card?
Quadratic (8 years ago)
@megaricardas Nope.
megaricardas (8 years ago)
@Scorch052 you might try, it might but if it wuld it shuld lagg pretty much, unless your lucking at the ground or in the air
megaricardas (8 years ago)
deos anyone know if it wuld work on ghz:1.8 ram:512 vid card: ati radeon 9000
Senhor Gerusão (8 years ago)
@ATLMember so if i have a good video card like nvidia 8800 and a processor intel core duo is enough to run this game? ah and 2gb ram can run this game easyly too (sorry about my bad english im lot of nervous because i dont want buy a expensive pc and see that fallout 3 cant run on it ) : )
ATLMember (8 years ago)
@chickenpieawesome2 Every computer has a video card, otherwise you wouldn't see anything on your screen. Yours might be integrated into the main board.
ATLMember (8 years ago)
@chickenpieawesome2 you need to say what video card you have, otherwise no one can help you. You also really need to say how fast your processor is, just saying it is a dual core doesn't mean much.
ATLMember (8 years ago)
@TrophyShark No, it most certainly wouldn't. Get something with a dedicated GPU.
ATLMember (8 years ago)
@NicolaScorpion7000 lol, you need a good video card and processor, your RAM doesn't mean shit.
Senhor Gerusão (8 years ago)
@diegoabruno ok if a pc that have 4gb ram im gonna run the game in high setting without any lag? or i need also a good video cards?
Mitsu3000gt515 (8 years ago)
Please someone help I don't kno where else to go where I don't need to be a member but my computer is a Dell dimension 8400 CPU is pentium 4 3.0 ghz hard drive 80 gig Sara memory is 2 gig ddr2 operating system is windows xp home sp3 with updates modem 56k modem sound max and video card is a Radeon x300 series will this game work please answer if u can
Liechengsos1 (8 years ago)
im going to be playing on a system with 1.73 ghz centrino duo clocked at 2.01ghz 1gb ddr3 ram 128mb geforce 7300 and a shit board i wont even look the name up for... i believe my specs should run the game a bit better then yours, tho i could do with more ram.
Pooru-chan (8 years ago)
could u please tell me if the game has to crash in alot of parts because i have geforce 6200 and its playable with a litle lag but it keeps crashing is it normal?
MegadrixfireZ (8 years ago)
@marfg12345 i used to had a x1550, 20 dollars graphics card... I installed fallout 3, and all i can say is that it is unplayable even with extra low settings. It will get you 20 or 10 to 30, and lagg a lot when you face like 5 people. I have a eah 5750 and a 4 cores I5 processor, i can run the game at 1920 x 1800 and everything at ultra @t 60fps. The eah 5750 is cheap ;), and cooler than the HD5750 to make it OC, it also has a formula 1 design!
BoatLoadOfSeamen (8 years ago)
@19sillybilly99 40-50 fps i think?!
BoatLoadOfSeamen (8 years ago)
hi, i think you heard of upcoming game fallout new vegas, it has very similiar, ithink the saqme graphics like this game... will i be able to run it on low with no lag' Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz 2GB RAM ati radeon x1550 512 mb(im gonna buy an HD series) please reply i subed you
mississippi789 (8 years ago)
lol i got a 84 bit os and12 gigs of ram idk what a lag is!!! lolzz btw nice comp for 3 gigs :0
Muhammad Norazri (8 years ago)
same specs with me,just me a different processor 1.8GHZ pentium 4 NVidia GeForce 6200 @ AGP8X and thanks for making me more eager to get this game right to the box man!!
SoapyWalrus (8 years ago)
this is actually pretty sexy
Random0832 (8 years ago)
My ram is 958.5 mb will it work if i play this game?
mcshmeggy (8 years ago)
I have 2.08 ghz of ram. I bought this game off steam for like 40 bucks and I cant even run it.
Christian Holmes (8 years ago)
is 4 gb for RAM enough for it to run smoothly?
Muhammad Norazri (8 years ago)
updated! can i run now? p4 1.8ghz 768MB RAM GeForce 6200 512 ? please reply thank you
Porsche Liebhaber (8 years ago)
Hey bro, I have the same modest card but I think mine runs smoother : ) P.S Which program you capture with?
ThatWasMyGirl (8 years ago)
@zac91earthlink hey no problem i recently change my card to a gt240 its decent but i can play fallout 3 oblivion cod mw2 and other games maxed out with like 60-45 fps so changing the card is very helpful. btw last thing idk if u can change the video card on a laptop u might, give it a try :D
Boxofit (8 years ago)
*sigh* The only thing stopping me from playing this is my crappy NVidia Geforce FX 5600XT
zac91earthlink (8 years ago)
@ThatWasMyGirl, thanks for the info. at least ill be able to play it until i get a better card
ThatWasMyGirl (8 years ago)
@zac91earthlink you would be able to run it but on lowest settings. the only thing holding you back from maxing it out is that damn video card xD
zac91earthlink (8 years ago)
i just got a laptop with a ATI radeon 4200 graphics card with 128mb DDR2, and it has a AMD Turion duel core processor, 4GB RAM, and 500GB memory. does anyone know if fallout 3 will run on it? if you do please help, thanks

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