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Quick Configs Ubiquiti - Basic Zone Based Firewall

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OneDrive link to all Ubiquiti Video config files: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsuDsQ7TSDqNgU3bHKtUeUIhAX1M This video is aimed at configuring a Zone Based Firewall, defining zone-policies and associating firewall rules on a Ubiquiti EdgeMax device.
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Mark Arambula (5 months ago)
Great video, thanks for sharing!
007JeffDog (1 year ago)
Great vid! I was feeling a little "exposed" with no FW settings on the router, as I am new to Ubiquiti. I was accustomed to the consumer routers that "Auto-Firewall" out of the box. I now feel even safer than with my consume router :)
Erwin Balk (4 months ago)
Auto-firewalling is not really a thing though, NAT (that is used in most routers) does offer a certain level of protection against incoming connections, but doesn't provide any real security in relation to outgoing connections or statebased connections that can be abused. Learning about firewalling using these methods can therefore be a very valuable skill! The techniques used in Ubiquiti are very similar to most other networking products so learning them here (especially the CLI) will help you understand it better in general as well! (try connecting to the CLI and use a command like "show configuration commands" to see how the configuration is achieved, this method will work for the routers from Ubiquiti, for VyOS (on which this is based) Vyatta (which is the base for VyOS, or at least has been in the past) and most definitely a bunch of other products that will show this behavior or similar ways of working.
Jack English (2 years ago)
another excellent video, I can't remember if I asked before but could you do a video on ipv6 firewall rules?
Jack English (2 years ago)
Great I look forward to it.
Ben Pin (2 years ago)
Hi Jack, I'm planning to do a IPv6 version of some of the videos that I have uploaded previously. Hope it won't take too long and I can start uploading them in the upcoming weeks.

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