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Imagine : Champion Rider / Petz : Horse Club (part 12) (Horse Game)

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Imagine : Champion Rider also known as Petz : Horse Club in the US is a beautiful horse adventure game released in 2008. You play as a teenager named Lily, who does horseriding competitions. She occasionally goes to a reserve which is full of horses, especially mustangs. The reserve try to breed from them, but there is an avalanche and some of their horses go missing. You hear that a foal named Oscar is hurt and you go to help, finding out that you can do horse whispering. During the game, there are lots of "missions", many of which require you to "Approach" a horse and gain their trust. Most of the horses (but not foals) in the game can be ridden, and you can even breed your own horses and make foals, which grow into adults as you care for them. The game runs on NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with all high details.
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