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Intro to TITAN BRAWL In Just 4 Minutes!

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WHAT’S UP GUYS► Here's a quick and very helpful guide to understanding how to start playing Titan Brawl. Thanks to Omnidrone for sponsoring the video! THE GAME► http://apple.co/2kTRzKh http://bit.ly/2xLR62I FIND MORE ERNIEC3 CONTENT► *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erniec3gaming/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/erniec3gaming *IFunny: http://ifunny.co/erniec3gaming MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)► "Fast Lane" by Gunnar Olsen "Another Perspective" by Silent Partner Space Background: http://www.bloggazwithattitude.com/vinyl-played-space/spatiul-cosmic/ Lens Flare Images In ErnieCIII Logo's Eyes In Intro: http://www.freeiconspng.com/images/lens-png Metal Slam Sound Effect In Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFKfKhaOzcxvZrV7LOD8Pw Power Up Sound Effect in Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM0_iEg5npY Whoosh Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFY9TX2Fghg Whoosh #2 Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N3kROJvn0 Pop Sound Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrWnEf74aBA Clash Royale Clan Entry Code► 90grcypc
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Text Comments (77)
Dylbo Swaggins (1 month ago)
This seemed like an awesome game. Really sucks that it's shut down now :(
James11 258 (3 months ago)
This is weird I can’t find this on my App Store. Can anyone help
James11 258 (3 months ago)
Really, wow
Ash Is Badass (3 months ago)
KipKing the Mudkip I think it shut down
rick johnson (4 months ago)
Well it shut down
Bobbel Zonnebril (7 months ago)
Welcome to battle brawlers Rift
Cyborg Krab (9 months ago)
Hey ernie I watched it
DocTop uS (9 months ago)
I didn't understood that code thing
Burger Doggo (9 months ago)
Game is so cool
Tacos # (10 months ago)
Noob420 (11 months ago)
My dude is rocking!!!!!!!!
Ninjen S N (11 months ago)
Dude thanks for letting me know I gotta try this game out right NOW!! And thank you for the bleepy beep! =D
Ninjen S N (11 months ago)
De Slisser (11 months ago)
Beeping didn’t work, think it is the same as bufarete’s beeping code.... cheap devs?
wow ow (11 months ago)
I tapped the linked for the game and it sent me to an image of Donald Trump...
wow ow (11 months ago)
ErnieC3 lol
ErnieC3 (11 months ago)
Fixed XD
Řobot Ďude 888 (11 months ago)
i love the game thank you for making these video
Řobot Ďude 888 (11 months ago)
omg i got liked by erniec3
Lumberjack 4444 (11 months ago)
I got the code
Fuzzem (11 months ago)
Also what was the name of your editor again? I want to try to use it
Fuzzem (11 months ago)
ErnieC3 also look at my message below this
ErnieC3 (11 months ago)
Final Cut Pro
co pu (11 months ago)
Awesome video!
Derpscope Jeff (11 months ago)
I like league of legends better
Bobbel Zonnebril (7 months ago)
Whats your name
ii_ Skittles (11 months ago)
This game sounds lit, imma try it out!
Fungos Berg (11 months ago)
Where are quick tips about cr
connor l (11 months ago)
Ernie becomes a sellout: episode 1 Nah no hate
Aditya Singh (11 months ago)
See my clash royale funny moments
Hydr Channel (1 year ago)
Great intro! You made me wanna install it rn!
Hydr Channel (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 most welcome😆
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
Thanks man! :D
kos vice (1 year ago)
HOLA ESPERO CONTAR CON TU APOYO me permitas compartir tus videos de titan brawl en mi pagina de titan brawl. un gran saludo de kos vice amigo, espero que algun dia juguemos juntos.
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
Lo siento si esto es difícil de leer porque estoy usando un traductor. No tienes permitido subir ninguno de mis videos en tu canal. Puede compartir mis videos, pero no puede subirlos a ninguna página personal. Es ilegal.
Duplexer (1 year ago)
I might just get this game myself! Thank you for the video!
b0yara (1 year ago)
Not bad
Romen12 (1 year ago)
great vid make more like this
Alexander Roque alwx (1 year ago)
love your editing
Jurtenland (1 year ago)
Just a bad cr clone....
Great video mind checking out my channel :) and give me a feedback on what I can improve
Dratica (1 year ago)
o shit, I love this game
Rishi Gehi (1 year ago)
You should actually try Vainglory 😃
Tommy the GR8 (1 year ago)
Tommy the GR8 (1 year ago)
Iyadh Sahli (1 year ago)
The code dosen't work
Titan Brawl (1 year ago)
Hey! If you have any problems with redeeming the code, please get in touch with the support using help in the game menu! We will sort it out.
Maxymus (1 year ago)
This game is actually really interesting.Plus how much money you’ve got from them? Just wanna know
Edgy News (1 year ago)
I saw this 4 awile but now I think imma play it
Lol i used skeleton barrel in the original game not any server in cr in mirror challange i have that vedio
Iyadh Sahli (1 year ago)
So this is an improved copy of spellbinders?
heavy boss 809 (1 year ago)
Shitty clash royale clone
chocombo gaming (1 year ago)
Fun ny lol idiot hearthstone costs 0 money on the other side I know many that have to pay to make decks in clash royale when u reach arena 9 cause everyone camps with lv 11 12 cards there stupid butthead u can reach legend with one f2p deck in hs in cr u need decades as f2p IDIOTTTT
Fun ny (1 year ago)
EliteGaming Unleashed huh but hearthstone is just a card game... which costs more than a GB ... ITS P2W... but cr has better graphics and is much playable
Sasidev I (1 year ago)
heavy boss 809 did you know cr is itself a clone to hearthstone
xdYou 2 (1 year ago)
Love you for giving box 😂😂😂
xdYou 2 (1 year ago)
Luqman GBA (1 year ago)
Thx for the free reward ernie appreciate it !
Ram Demesa (1 year ago)
Nice game guide
mutifile (1 year ago)
Yes I needed a game like this :D thx so much <3
chief_lucky 1 (1 year ago)
Notification squad but the notifications are late:(
S Zulkarnain (1 year ago)
Where I can download this game?
That one Sherpa (1 year ago)
Go to the nearest department store
DanFrosty (1 year ago)
THIS IS BETTER THEN CLASH ROYALE clash royale is dying
DanFrosty (1 year ago)
Jaydistry CR u stupid...noobs
DanFrosty (1 year ago)
game world meh....
Versa God (1 year ago)
It's not dead stupid
xdYou 2 (1 year ago)
DanFrosty 25 bro clash Royale will come back
Vishal Dafda (1 year ago)
sybrenepicgamer 11 (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 (1 year ago)
DISCLAIMER: If you remove the very beginning (where it says who sponsored my video) and the outro, it's just under 4 minutes long. This game fits in pretty well with the other games that I’m covering on my channel (esport games). I am actually enjoying this game and I'm still playing it and trying out some of the heroes that are on the limited time slot ;). Hope you all enjoy! :D (If the code doesn’t work, Omnidrone said to get in touch with support)
《{Eddy the Editor}》 (10 months ago)
Tech Support (10 months ago)
ErnieC3 cool game bro i will play
zefereater (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 Working up into the ranks hope you get big!
ShadowJedi Knight (1 year ago)
Would like to point out: There is another league of legends/ clash royale combination game: Star Wars: Force Arena. It is not a ripoff at all. They borrow card concepts and assign them to star wars characters to play that role, but it is fun and Not a ripoff. Also there is no worry about losing because it is not as rage inducing as clash is and trophies are not as important. So its just for fun.
Versa God (1 year ago)
ErnieC3 is it a new game? You sure it's gonna be an esports game?
Abenyu (1 year ago)
You got sponsored wtf

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