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Fortnite - 940mx + i5 6200U - Acer Aspire Laptop FPS Benchmark (720p vs 900p vs 1080p)

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Low settings used throughout whole video 1080p: 0:10 900p: 2:13 720p: 3:34 Fortnite - GTX 1060 - 1080p/1440p/4k (Low/Med/High/Epic) + Competitive Settings Benchmark - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_9tMMqkfoI COD: MWR - GTX 1060 - FPS Benchmark (1080p60) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07zUXJMaSFw Fortnite (v4.5) - GTX 1060 - Low to Epic Comparison (FPS Benchmark) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NlaAOkLgy0 Fallout 4 - GTX 1060 - Low vs Med vs High vs Ultra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nVRbf5C_Fc COD: WWII - GTX 1060 - Low vs Normal vs High vs Extra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlJbKrxPFR4 Battlefield 1 - GTX 1060 - (Ultra/High/Med/Low) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2t1o_lWRR4 FORTNITE: DRASTICALLY IMPROVE FPS! TUTORIAL FOR ANY PC/LAPTOP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvfDpzUl0gQ Fortnite Streamer Settings - GTX 1060 - 144+ fps - Ninja, Myth, Summit, Dakotaz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxlLhIO2Qf8 Fortnite - GTX 1060 - Low to Epic Comparison (v4.4) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMZ5lfzxOro GTA V - GTX 1060 - FPS Benchmark 1080p(60fps) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0e4jGLg_NM Fortnite Competitive Presets - GTX 1060 - FPS Benchmark 1080p(60fps) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZeGrUBgkn8 Fortnite - GTX 1060 6GB - FPS Benchmark (Low to Epic) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vt-L3Vwgoc Recorded with Xbox DVR (3-5fps drop) Stats recorded using MSI Afterburner. Songs: Buddha - Kontekst (No Copyright Music) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6jK2t3lcRs Adventures - A Himitsu (No Copyright Music) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkNeIUgNPQ8 If you guys have any ideas for future videos please feel free to inbox me or leave your ideas in the comment section below! Laptop Specs: Laptop Series: Aspire E 15 Model: E5-575G-52RJ CPU: Intel i5 6200U GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB RAM: 1x8GB DDR4 2133 SSD: 240GB Screen: 1080p
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uhMarkk (7 months ago)
If you see this comment, leave a like and let me know your PC Specs and what FPS you get on Fortnite and other games! Join my Discord channel! https://discord.gg/7ypHyD7
qk9xx - (4 days ago)
i play these laptop in epic and it’s 120 fps
Emre EMRE (13 days ago)
Bad performance at distance fights
Empro Yo (21 days ago)
Tom The Cat (1 month ago)
Dude i hit 50-60 fps on medium-high 1080p with the same laptop. Is your fps low cause you're recording?
zzpulsezz (2 months ago)
1080 by 1080 lowest 3D res all low graphics shadows off vsinc off
zzpulsezz (2 months ago)
Does res make a difference
Hussar Player (2 months ago)
Hi My friend I want your help please tell me what happend . i have laptop acer 5 intel core i5 nividia geforce 940Mx witch 2Gb dedicated VRAM , 4GB DDR4 Memory , 1000 GB HDD - and in game i have onlly 15-37 fps onlly bugs tell me what i must to doo
Ifzal Naif (2 months ago)
download driver booster, install all the drivers. get malware and anti virus to scan ur corrupted cpu
Jeffy Gameplays (3 months ago)
ddr3 or ddr4?
The Doctor (3 months ago)
Somehow runs better than my mx150
MrEmerald (4 months ago)
whatttt Whenever i use the same settings i only get 10 fps and i have the same graphics card! nani!?!?!?
Kevin Nguyen (4 months ago)
Just asking if you buy 940MX, are you able to put a keyboard and mouse on it? (Btw not the laptop but like a computer version.)
Tytan Gaming (5 months ago)
I have a gt 635m 😭
Ammar Qureshi (5 months ago)
If i cap my game to 60fps i get dodgey stuttering untill i put it down to 30fps cap i have the same specs as you and i am not using the intergrated.
Flux (5 months ago)
Just play on stretched and it will look fine
kalvin beri (6 months ago)
I’m getting aspire E17 same specs but ssd is 256gb do u think I will get at least 70 to 80 or maybe a 100 FPS on a 1080p?
MLG KAT (6 months ago)
I got the 940m last day i was going with that cuz it was cheaper than mx150 and i had a buget of 500€
3rdPartyGod (6 months ago)
Rip bro the new version has an 8th gen i5 with an mx150😭im gonna buy that one
uhMarkk (6 months ago)
It’s way better, i wouldn’t go for the 940mx today, mx150 is way better
Aditya Gamer (6 months ago)
Please say me is that 2 gigs of 940 mx
JP LlagaYT (6 months ago)
How do you record your benchmarks? in the left top of the corner
Ronald Jay Dimayuga (7 months ago)
Is your gpu core clock and cpu underclocked? Coz they are lower than the actual specs online. Coz that i5 6200U should max at 2.8GHz and 940MX should max at 1189MHz core clock.
uhMarkk (6 months ago)
940MX is always DDR5, the 940m however is DDR3.
Ronald Jay Dimayuga (6 months ago)
+uhMarkk is your 940MX the DDR3 version?
uhMarkk (6 months ago)
i5 6200u turbos to 2.8ghz on a single core. Also my 940mx doesn’t go anywhere near 1189MHz core clock.
Sergipe Cycling Club (7 months ago)
Recording on the same machine?
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
Yes, somehow i got it to work, if you want to see an external recording with a camera here’s a video with the same laptop: https://youtu.be/E3N8IuLaonM
rtrrrffr (7 months ago)
I have same specs my Max fps was 190 something
Caleb Drake (6 months ago)
How? I have the i7 core, 16GB RAM and, geForce 940mx but i get 60-70fps
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
I actually also own the i7 variant of this laptop, i need to post a video on it!
rtrrrffr (7 months ago)
uhMarkk 120 was da average I got i7
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
What was the average and what settings?
Sam33cm (7 months ago)
How you make to assign so much of ram has fortnite because I I have 16gb but that assigns only 2go
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
Technically I haven’t done anything to assign more ram, Fortnite just doesn’t really use a lot of ram, i would use that extra ram for when I stream or have lots of tabs open like discord and chrome on my other monitor.
GMR ACTİON (7 months ago)
I use acer aspire e15
i use acer aspire 15 and i get 30fps
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
How well does it run for you?
Snoop Doge (7 months ago)
I have the exact same gpu and cpu but my fps occasionally drops to 20-25 fps and my gpu is bottlenecking while only at low setting with 720p.
Fortnut Asasin (5 days ago)
use stretch res
H2 _matt03ita (6 months ago)
Also i
Snoop Doge (7 months ago)
Also what I meant was I already did everything in your video before I watched it except for ccleaner. After I did ccleaner my fps became 60 fps with sudden drops to 25
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
If it gets really bad i’d honestly recommend reinstalling windows
Snoop Doge (7 months ago)
When I just started to play this game back in february/march I had a solid 60 fps. I don't remember when it started to go downhill but maybe there is something wrong with a component of my laptop
Fhantom03 (7 months ago)
Plz help I gota 7th gen quad core i7, a 940mx, and 16gbs of ram and I can't push more than 30 frames with everything on low including the 3d resolution.
Emre EMRE (13 days ago)
Optimize your fortnite settings with geforce experience İ wasnt able to have 20 fps with lowest settings but after optimizing i have been able to have 60+ fps with optimized settings
Diederick Fobbe (6 months ago)
download geforce experience
yung pp (6 months ago)
just go to control panel, manage 3d settings, program settings, find fortnite and choose your dedicated gpu
Fhantom03 (6 months ago)
+Shawn Kim ok, I do actually think I'm on uhd -100 graphics, but how would I run it on Nvidia graphics?
Shawn Kim (6 months ago)
I play on the same laptop as the one in the title and I'm getting 60 FPS steady. Your pc should easily handle fortnite 60 FPS steady as well. Got to the NVIDEA settings and use your graphics card for fortnite as that improves your frames and just your gameplay in general. If that doesn't work, I highly suggest you play with a stretched resolution when you play fortnite as it improves fps drastically and is easier to hit your shots.
Sukha Dhaliwal (8 months ago)
I have i5 6200u with 940m and 4 gb ram but its hanging i dnt know why , can u please help me ? Thanks
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
I have the i7 variant as well (i7 6500u), i need to make a benchmark with it, might compare both the i5 6200u with the i7 6500u. Use this video to improve your fps https://youtu.be/gvfDpzUl0gQ
rtrrrffr (7 months ago)
uhMarkk dud I have same specs But i7 I usually get 60fps but now its stuttering alot also my laptop is new so I'm thinking it's on epic's end like a memory leak how do u fix that
uhMarkk (7 months ago)
Did the video help you at all? I own two laptops, they both have the 940mx but one has the i5 6200u like you have and the other has the i7 6500u
Sukha Dhaliwal (7 months ago)
uhMarkk thanks mate
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
It is most likely hanging because of the 4gb of ram, i’d recommend upgrading to 8gb. Also i can help you on my discord if you’d like. Username: Markk#2491 Also follow the steps in this video: https://youtu.be/gvfDpzUl0gQ
gockabc (8 months ago)
how do you update drivers
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
no problem man! check out some of my other videos if you’d like :D
gockabc (8 months ago)
ok thank you
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
Sorry for assuming that you had an nvidia gpu, i was only assuming that because you clicked on a video with an nvidia gpu. AMD graphics cards have a different program. All you have to do is right click on the desktop and go to radeon graphics settings. In the corner you should see a button along the lines of “new update” or “update now”, you’ll want to click that. Let me know if you’re having trouble finding anything.
gockabc (8 months ago)
can you use that website to update amd gpus too?
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
To update drivers you need a program called geforce experience. You can find this on nvidia’s website or by just searching for “Nvidia Geforce Experience” in your search engine.
Rojas RMCF (8 months ago)
Hey man can you tell me what version of driver nvidia do you have? i want a play fornite like that
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
I was using driver version 391.35 at the time of making this video.
Mhastag (8 months ago)
i have i5-6200DU and same gpu.....why i have 40-30 fps with all low in tilted....and when im try to record...my fps ar down....i mean 30 from 60..What i have to do......?
SeekNDstroy (5 months ago)
i can help
uhMarkk (8 months ago)
I actually have a guide on my channel that shows some of the steps i’ve used to achieve higher frame rates. https://youtu.be/gvfDpzUl0gQ If this video doesn’t help much feel free to comment again and i’ll see if there’s any other steps i can show you to speed up the laptop.
Rebel XXL (8 months ago)
Brian Kliewer (9 months ago)
ha, first!

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