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Shocking Balance Changes Coming | CWA Mobile Gaming Subscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722 Watch Next, 2.9 Bait Cycle!, https://goo.gl/EQ31TT Clash Royale balance change update coming on October 1st. What do you guys think of this "buff only" balance update featuring the controversial Royal Giant buff? Let me know in the comments below! #ClashRoyale #Update #BalanceChanges *Join my discord community!* ►►www.discord.gg/cwamobilegaming *Watch More* ►►Top 7 Broken/OP Cards of All Time - https://goo.gl/Q5oYss ►►Ranking all 40 emotes! - https://goo.gl/MrHhph ►►10 Cards That Level Doesn't Matter - https://goo.gl/oH2ZPC I'm Proud to be a community partner with Bren Chong! ►► Instagram - https://goo.gl/jEcVu1 ►► Twitter - https://goo.gl/c1u5V8 ►►Check out my player profile: https://goo.gl/Ve4J1S ►►Top deck text guides: https://goo.gl/NJzUuG ►►DECK LINK►► Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: ►►https://goo.gl/nh2VUM I stream LIVE on Facebook 5 days a week here: ►►https://goo.gl/g9pQTC THANK YOU to my tier 3 PATREONS!! LOVE YOU ALL! - Noah McDiarmid - Austin Hoover - Mark Figueroa - Richard Parnell - Tyler Skinner Social Media- ►►Twitter - @CWA ►►Instagram - Clash_With_Ash ►►Facebook - Clash With Ash Official
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Text Comments (1907)
CWA Mobile Gaming (1 month ago)
Thoughts on these changes???!!
שחר רומם (1 month ago)
From playing after the update, it is much easier to stop the royale giant..
Yash Permalla (1 month ago)
hey, you should probably update the bomb tower picture
Lucas Harris (1 month ago)
Why is no one talking about a wizard nerf?
Tunicht Gut (1 month ago)
I wont play ladder anymore.
omar Ahmed (1 month ago)
Time to get dirty be a noob ez trophies lol
Wolf. (1 month ago)
Supercell Headquarters: Dev 1: Yo Joe Dev 2: what Dev 1: *hits blunt* what if we buffed Royal Giant by 60% Dev 2: sure
Cat Man (1 month ago)
schnecktec (1 month ago)
cwa challenge xbow master to finish a Grand challenge with xbow and rage. it's fun!
Who's Who (1 month ago)
the whole point of using RG was it outranged inferno tower and other buildings. inferno tower will now shut down RG, why not just use giant for one less elixir. I don't like this change.
Theodore Chen (1 month ago)
royal giant does more damage than musketeers
Drean (1 month ago)
I still haven't gotten that set of Princess emotes used in the thumbnail. It's almost like they don't want my money, crazy.
Frévot (1 month ago)
Tesla nerf destroyed my Xbox deck and uninstall it. XBOW is nutsell because supercell prefer buff all your counter deck
dandaman2196 (1 month ago)
Wtf most of these buffs are dumb af....ladder is gonna be horrific
Gut Punch (1 month ago)
i want x bow damage to be buffed to one shot skeletons, but have attack speed changed from somewhere around .5 to .6 i also want golemite death damage to be buffed to one shot skeletons, but have regular golem death damage nerfed resulting in a slight overall nerf, but still enough to kill a minion horde
Gut Punch (1 month ago)
and three muskies spawn time to two seconds
T Raine (1 month ago)
Just remove siege from the game
Bimbo Bond (1 month ago)
Join "Team Vinicius", we got 5200 player and search for active player. No requirement except being active
Skizilla (1 month ago)
The RG buff is already rearing it’s ugly head on ladder... played like 10 matches this morning ALL been against some form of RG/Hog mix. Super Cell NEVER learns.
The Alphaman (1 month ago)
Pls make royal gaiant 5 elixir :)
Karl Cossaboon (1 month ago)
That is a big big NERF to the royal giant Uhhhhh inferno towers? Hello? Literally half the buildings? RG used to ourange them, now he doesn’t
Daniel Mercer (1 month ago)
Loving the new changes, also just want to say.... Ash you the man!! I always enjoy your videos and have come to watch your videos over everyone else's 9 out of 10 times! Keep up the good work my friend. Happy hunting 😎
Error_404 PL (1 month ago)
Every Card is getting buff. Royal Giant has worse interactions against basically every card. Hmm...
Venom 23x23 (1 month ago)
Lol Ice wiz needed a damage buff not an affect increase...yikes.
h freeman (1 month ago)
Cards I wish were touched: 1. Royale Hogs, each hog has a little bit too much health, same problem hog had before its nerf a while back, royal hogs will consistently get that one(x4) extra hit off, way too easy to confirm damage with them 2. Royal Ghost, just make him 4 elixir, imo this should have been done right after release, buff his stats maybe a little, offers way too much value for just 3 elixir and is hard to effectively counter for 3 elixir or less 3. Pekka, most people probably don't agree, but I've thought for over a year now that Pekka is a MASSIVE problem within the game, Pekka should be 8 elixir and should get a small health buff, otherwise I think it and inferno dragon have created a huge problem in the game 4. Executioner, was hoping for a buff for this guy, like a slightly faster hit speed, really want supercell to buff defensive cards 5. Minion Horde, I'm sitting a 4900 right now and I assume the most recent minion horde nerf was to affect its use rates in lower arenas, but right now I think its way too risky, Minion Horde has always been and was designed to be a high risk high reward card, but at this point the risk has continued to increase while the reward has actually decreased, this card (especially because of the matchmaking algorithm) is far too risky to run 6. Freeze, my personal favorite card, this card imo is really hard to balance because it'll either be weak or op, I think that troops that walk into an already frozen area should be slowed while they are in the area, and troops that were successfully frozen should have ice wiz's slow effect for 2 seconds. 7. Knight, health buff 8. Clone, happen faster 9. Cannon, small health buff 10. 3M, most people will probably lose their minds with this one, but I suggest that they simply spawn slightly further apart so that some splash troops might not hit all three right away. This update is disappointing, all I really wanted was a slight royal hogs nerf, an xbox buff, and a big Goblin Giant buff, +6% hp is not enough, he's still going to be really bad, make his spear gobs shoot faster and make them turn into spear goblins on drop
Jona :D (1 month ago)
Im totally and definitly not royalegiant fan but honestly: Still better than xbow. Also on ladder ,even at 4k,pekka is absolute meta, so i dont think there will be a big rg problem
Justin Hammert (1 month ago)
Completely disagree. Royal Giant is already isnanely good and broken on the ladder from 4-4.6k.(the majority of players that aren't too serious are here) Supercell really is losing my interest within these past couple months, and I think if they continue in the way they are, I think the game will become obsolete within the coming months.
Justin Hammert (1 month ago)
Completely disagree. Royal Giant is already isnanely good and broken on the ladder from 4-4.6k.(the majority of players that aren't too serious are here) Supercell really is losing my interest within these past couple months, and I think if they continue in the way they are, I think the game will become obsolete within the coming months.
Justin Hammert (1 month ago)
Completely disagree. Royal Giant is already isnanely good and broken on the ladder from 4-4.6k.(the majority of players that aren't too serious are here) Supercell really is losing my interest within these past couple months, and I think if they continue in the way they are, I think the game will become obsolete within the coming months.
Caleb Stickler (1 month ago)
If SC put the RR in the balance patch, why hold a poll at all? That'd be a massive waste and a hit to their PR
William 3342 (1 month ago)
I voted ice wiz just to piss people off
Lucas Harris (1 month ago)
Why is no one talking about a wizard nerf?
Mr. ExtraVaganja! (1 month ago)
Ash looks like the guy who get along with all the kids in the hood
LåSëR JûRàSīç (1 month ago)
Im useing x-bow and i only use that so im done for now
Matthew Ting (1 month ago)
Just played 3 games after update, all opp are using RG...damn you supercell..60% up wtf....
endmenow riley (1 month ago)
Why can’t we as players come together and agree to never play royal giant or elite barbs?
sky blue (1 month ago)
Supercell should not allow to overlevel the cards that will fix RG problem
iTzLazziboii (1 month ago)
So, I sit around 4300 trophies normally, at level 11, completely F2P. Still facing max Royal Giants, and now they completely demolish me. I run a Pekka/Hog/Lightning deck, so I've got a hard counter for it. Let me tell you what.. Pekka doesn't do a damn thing. Royal Giants still knocks off an easy 4-600 damage when dropped completely solo.
Tunicht Gut (1 month ago)
Ash is nervous because they are destroying CR and thus his channel.
I Main Marlboro (1 month ago)
Poor RG is never going to be balanced... SC make him OP and when they nerf him he becomes really bad.
VIJAY SAI (1 month ago)
I don't know smile or cry All cards that got buff I don't play with....... Ha ha ha.....
X bow should kill skeleton per shot, at least
Rd Villaluz (1 month ago)
No lavahound buff and a balloon nerf?
Divine Diamond (1 month ago)
I like all the buffs here... except the goblin hut i hate that, and the f***ing royale giant whyyyyyy!!??!?!? I may be mainly a pexinado player but its not like RG has any hard counters. Its gonna take at least 2 cards to negate damage from that completely
Mr. sleep (1 month ago)
is this the pewdiepie news song background?😂🤣
Mr. sleep (1 month ago)
wheres the royal recruits?
Mitch Smith (1 month ago)
Ice wizard for the win!
Kaiyang JIN (1 month ago)
Well, OJ comes up with the video before u...
Anthony Plascencia (1 month ago)
Aidan Huff (1 month ago)
As an xbow player at challenger 3, I think I may take a break from ladder and work on my challenge skills and get better at more types of decks. First up hog 2.6. Off to watch CWA's video on that
Oliver Goh (1 month ago)
um bomb tower is 4 elixir
Yee Yee (1 month ago)
i’ll wait till next month to play ladder🙄😤
Potatornado (1 month ago)
Im a decent xbow player, been playing 2.9 all year. However i feel like the old xbow decks will start to make a comeback now. Inferno tower rather then tesla will be better at countering rg. Only time will tell...
derz (1 month ago)
Well, a damage buff for the rg will definitely stop ppl from overleveling it. Ladder below 4k was already repleted with rg-pushing idiots. But if it actually becomes viable at tournament/top ladder standard, that will push each of them up in the trophies for quite a leap ... and make it even more appealing to overlevel the rg. This of course will just happen, if this turns out to be a buff.
Monte Crisco (1 month ago)
Did you get new work on your arms? Looks great man. One of the reasons I love your channel, you’re tatted and love clash, much like me 🤪🤙
Norick Burnette (1 month ago)
buff night witch
TankQ (1 month ago)
What do you expect. It’s supercell.
Time for RG freeze
Jesse Salmi (1 month ago)
What the hell is that rum ham getting paid for? Let's add a skeleton to the skarmy because that is what is needed.......
Fliptality (1 month ago)
Too much bias in recent videos, you seem uninformed and you just dont know enough about the game to be the best source. Dislike and unsub.
Darth Enigma (1 month ago)
I think reducing the RG hit range to 5 tiles is actually a big nurf. That is why I think they increased its damage percentage etc. The RG is slow and having to walk another tile when spawned at bridge gives the other player more than enough time to react.
Matt Wright (1 month ago)
not a fan of these balances either. And the RG i think could be fair with the reduced range but time will tell. But more RG = more buildings which are already a no skill card that stops so many deck (bspam is now kinda screwed), personally i think buildings are very bad for the game, just place one in the centre tile and sit there and wait....not fun either! Supercell needs to only do balances for 2-4 cards each update only the necessary ones. Recruits i think are just a bad mechanic and at 7 they would be everywhere and basically an impenetrable wall that again like buildings require little skill and in turn will hurt the game. Side note this and the last 5-6 updated all nerfed bspam in some way, why? (dprince nerf, inferno nerf, zappies nerf, now more buildings...) why Supercell hate Bspam, its already hard enough to get a ram connection or out cycle these fast decks with multiple swarms to stop bandit/ram. Game was in a good place after this update im not so sure. Next: slight valk and witch nerf(why witch so strong if one in 1 archetype, beatdown), stop standardizing cards, move both prince charges back to before, rework or just scrap Recruits, NERF 3musk (seriously its been around forever and is just sooo strong, make them faster move speed so less time to build up elix for support, or something else, slight ghost nerf, dont change royal hogs (kinda strong rn but so many counters, log, fb, nado, ice wiz, wiz, dprince, bomber), lastly make all buildings have a 1-2 less tile pull range so that they can no longer pull building targeting troops (ram, hog, etc...) from the opposite lane therefore makong them more skilled and having to also decide when to use building or not since it will leave your other side open now if you dont have elix to defend other lane. Please think about these Ash and maybe pass on to Supercell. Hope you read this and think they are good suggestions, just opinions from a 4700 player sorta f2p (spent some money here and there) just want to see the game in a fair place that all archetypes can have a chance in most matchups. Anyways love your videos keep it up and hope my insight helps!
Karim Ataya (1 month ago)
Sup ash what do you think about this will it change the meta big time or just ladder
Freedom_12 (1 month ago)
I think you did a mistake but the bomb tower costs 4 not 5 elixir
commanderkool868 (1 month ago)
Poppy harlow over here
Fernando Torres (1 month ago)
You know. For a buff that was so hyped, it turned out to be really underwhelming. Ice Wizard will be basically the same except for very very very few interactions (not particularly gamechanging interactions to top it off).
Evelien depuydt (1 month ago)
oh just great i am a mortarplayer at 4597(sad really sad to end season like this) and royalgiant is hard enough to counter already R.I.P to my mortar and xbowplayers out there next season will be deadly.
Canyoueventakeit (1 month ago)
Pavlikson (1 month ago)
+1 for David Bowie shirt
Ali Shaheen (1 month ago)
guys, maxed royal gaint users are usually stuck at in between 4500 - 5600 right? (i'm a level 12 with a level 10-11 cards sitting at 4530+ and i do face them a lot) so what they basiclly do is they ruin the game for normal leveled players and they wont get up high where maxed players should be, so doesn't the update well basiclly get them to rise from that low trophie reach to somewhere a bit higher, leaving us some air to breath from that toxic gamestyle of theirs? excuse my bad english and i hope you get the point.
Eshaan Chaudhary (1 month ago)
Your only thinking about x bow players ash what's about mortar users i use mortar cycle what's about players like me! I request supercell to do something for mortar users as well!😐
eric castro (1 month ago)
Luckily I got to 4000 trophies on Friday
DeadZone (1 month ago)
Welp building a deck to specifically counter rg now
Marian M (1 month ago)
Ha! and the best thing iiiiissss ? My RG is on lvl 13
Jose Angel (1 month ago)
I hope it's not too late so Ash can see this comment. I think the RG buff was too much, they showd Barbs and Inferno Tower "countering" him, but the team didn't seem to notice that one elixir later your opponent can drop a Lightening or Wizard. If it breaks ladder like RR did, RG will be nerfed before the next balance update hits. Great video Ash! Keep it up.
Blackbeard CW eSports (1 month ago)
These are the stupidest balance change I can remember in a long time. I’m right with you ash, I don’t like these balance changes either
Chris 117 (1 month ago)
I'm a mortar and xbow player... I'll just mad out my rg I guess
King DeDeDe (1 month ago)
I think supercells main idea with this is to firstly make the card less infuriating to fight, which I think this will do, but to also make Royal giant good enough so that 4000-4500 isn't just filled with bad level 13 RG decks. Now hopefully with this buff royal giant decks can expand more and he can be a fun card to fight, and all the max level RG's can start heading more towards the top of ladder instead of just hanging around the 4000-4500 range. I'm optimistic about the balance update, even if it is a little disappointing with the other card buffs other then the snowball and barb barrel buffs.
Wood ;-; (1 month ago)
Templar Nogatron (1 month ago)
royal recruits don't get buff i think they are actually soviet recruits
Chun Lam Chan (1 month ago)
Inferno tower buff pls
It'sYaBoiBaylor (1 month ago)
I think supercell was on crack when they made the buff to RG.
Koenigsegg One (1 month ago)
They just ruined the royal gg, my favorite card:( Can't say how many times he came in clutch. Outranging defenses is what made him good
Ariel Sabio Jr. (1 month ago)
Thank god im a royal giant user
MxM_Prime (1 month ago)
Agree with everything ash
Krahn (1 month ago)
The reason many people are calling the RG change a possible nerf is the reduction in range. The belief is that his health is low enough you should be able to kill him before he ever gets a shot off. We'll see if that is true or not.
Robert Harmse (1 month ago)
Balance changes will change ladder for sure . Pro players with RG will rise and the others will drop .
Senne Nyssen (1 month ago)
Why RG .... Mayby i stop
DataMat84 (1 month ago)
RG is definetly a nerf. The number one strenght of the card was never the damage but the range in which no buildings could be put on the map preventively. Now every building Will shoot at it so the card is even worse at tournament standard
Johny266 (1 month ago)
Now mortar is bad bcs when rg have Nerf for range people start play lot of rg lighting. Gl in rank my mortar friends...
Anthony Long (1 month ago)
Pew news music in background lol
Clash Wars (1 month ago)
Game wrecking buffs OMG.....royal giant way too strong already
Galavis232RO (1 month ago)
Rip mortar,It was already hard but now it's impossible to play it.I'm free to play ang got to 5480 with mortar cycle but now I'm gonna farm and switch my deck...
Lam Ken (1 month ago)
ice wizard plus ice golemn plus tornado is undefeatable,wizard is better than executioner...
marta (1 month ago)
Anybody noticed pew news music in the background??😂
Olli Konttinen (1 month ago)
RG is gonna suck now. You don't even know. His WHOLE THING was outranging ALL buildings. He sucked at 6.0 tile range. Now his range is gonna be only five!
Gellert Grindelwald (1 month ago)
Seriously, Supercell is just destroying their playerbase.. Instead of bringing something fresh, something new they're buffing a card that nobody likes... CR gets really boring because there's nothing new.. How about bringing a 2v2 ladder? -Or 2v2 arenas with a new river or something like that I Just dont understand sc
ZyloxHD (1 month ago)
4:53 Pew-News music Lol.
Erik Hesselink (1 month ago)
Your bomb tower image has the old elixir cost, threw me off for a minute 😁
Elie Chahoud (1 month ago)
69 dislikes 😅😅😅
Aldo Leone (1 month ago)
I always appreciate your work Ash, but this time I have to point out that you gave a terrible impression to the audience about the RG rework. It's not a straight up buff, the card is completely going to change in how it plays, since the BIG range reduction makes it so any building can safely counter him, and even without a building on your deck he can't be spammed on the river, since you'll have much more time to counter him and address the support troops than will now be on your side of the map! Completely agree on Xbow worries as well as RR shock.
Peppins32 (1 month ago)
+60% omg -.-
mando taha (1 month ago)
فوخس عليك😂
Lal Vals (1 month ago)
Trash Royale
Gavla Tennis (1 month ago)
The RG buff is stupid because there's no way of stopping it getting hits on your tower (unlike the other cards)
Brewergamer (1 month ago)
I think that they should buff cards more often rather than nerf them, if we make all cards weak that wouldn't be very fun. Give every card its own strength, shore up strengths rather than making their strengths weaker, makes the game more interesting and you can balance that way instead. I for one think the balance changes will be good, I think that Royal Giant is kinda nerfed because of the range, he's got like a third of the health of a regular giant, 2 mini pekka swings and he's done. He won't even be able to get within range to take advantage of that 60% damage increase. I don't think it's a buff but I think it's a good rework. My only thing is I am disappointed I didn't see royal recruits getting any changes.

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