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QC Ubiquiti EdgeMAX - Using VLAN 1 on a vlan-aware switch0 Interface

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This video focuses adding multiple VLANs to the switch0 interface on an EdgeRouter. There are some caveats with configuring a vlan-aware switch0 while using the default LAN range ( In this video I create two VLANs (1 and 10) and demonstrate why issues occur when we try to use the default LAN range without assigning it to VLAN 1. Link to EdgeMAX configuration files: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsuDsQ7TSDqNhnsDSCQit6jlk-sY Sources used: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/Can-t-reach-VLAN-from-LAN-or-viceversa/m-p/1779148 https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/204959444-EdgeMAX-InterVLAN-Walkthrough-with-ERLite-3-using-Sample-Enterprise-Topology
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James Hagerman (17 days ago)
Thank you for the detailed walkthrough!
liutang (4 months ago)
Hi. I'm learning about this stuff and read that we should generally not use VLAN 1 for any traffic. So in this example instead of creating a specific tagged VLAN 1, shouldn't you just create a tagged User Data VLAN? Seems like inability to get to client devices on native LAN would be the proper security measure.
newmanhun (4 months ago)
Thanks for this tutorial. I spend like two days debugging why it was not working. Now that I solved it, found your video....my bad.
Manuel Roccon (8 months ago)
Dear Ben, very well! I have a question. In my situation, I want to configure only Eth4 in switch0, with pvid and vid The eth4 is linked to a ubiquity switch 48p (that i can set vlan for a specific port). So, I want to attach pc and server to all port of switch except 3 port set them with VLAN (used for AP). This configuration is fine? Then using VLAN inside switch i can create a firewall role for limiting traffic between VLAN 1.1 and VLAN 1.2? Thanks
Jon Pinkley (8 months ago)
I'm not Ben, but I don't know if he still watches his youtube channel. He works at Ubiquiti now. Ubiquiti ubnt.com has a forum that is very helpful, and you can find many other post that probably will be helpful. Please do a google search for 204962254-EdgeRouter-Create-Virtual-Interfaces-with-VLAN-IDs I'm not putting the links here, or the post may not show up. Also google 222183968-Intro-to-Networking-Introduction-to-Virtual-LANs-VLANs-and-Tagging also google PVID,VID,Trunk,Access Ports. This has a post by benpin that describe what these terms mean. last one to google IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tutorial Your description is mixing layer 2 (ethernet MAC addresses and vlans) with layer 3 (ip addresses), and without more info, and are most likely in the same ip subnet ( which does not seem to be what you would want. It is also unclear which switch (switch0 in ER-X, or the 48port switch) you mean when you say "I want to attach pc and server to all port of switch except 3 port set them with VLAN". I think you want to create a trunk port from the ER-X eth4 port to the 48p switch, which will have at least 2 vlans defined. The 48 port switch would have 1 trunk port connected to the ER-X, 3 ports in a vlan associated with AP(s)?, and the rest of the ports in another vlan for PCs and server. Is that correct?
Lilruff (9 months ago)
Need help with EdgeRouter X with Google Onhub (3 router set as mesh) for wireless. I have my main PC and 4 gaming console hardware wire to the EdgeRouter X. Everything else in my house is wireless except for Amazon Fire TV, philips hue, my son xbox and PS4 go to google Onhub. The problem I am have is my print wireless and on the IP ( and my main PC is on ( I can not use the google onhub on the same IP range as my PC because of the mesh. Also can not share my movie and music. I think I need to setup a VLAN to so I can talk to my print and share devices on my network. Can anyone help me setup VLAN or In a way so I can talk to other devices on my network on different gateway could you help
Cal Thompson (1 year ago)
This.Explains.SO.MUCH. You rock!! Thanks for this one, Ben.Seriously.Thank.You.
Fabio Teixeira (1 year ago)
Hi Ben, Thank you so much for investing time to prepare these videos, and all the knowledge sharing. This helped me to get my Internet + IPTV setup via ER-X, which i was struggling with for long nights and weekends over the past 10 days! All the best.
Andrew Johnston (1 year ago)
Excellent Video - well done. Excited to see a whole series on this stuff, and it's really recent! Subscribed

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