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Risen 3 - Three Factions Trailer [EU]

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More info at http://risen3.deepsilver.com
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onutroF (8 days ago)
I can not understand why people hate this game so much. As for me, this game is great. What do you dislike here? Graphic - Great Music - Great Climate - Great Plot - Pretty good Gameplay - Good
Journey (2 months ago)
This game looks awesome but I just havnt gotten around to it yet. This may be a dumb question but is there any shields in this game? I love playing tanky melee builds and timing my shield usage. Please tell me there is shields in this game!
onutroF (8 days ago)
I recently bought this game, and I have not seen any shields yet.
Amfibios (2 months ago)
Gangsta KiLLa (2 months ago)
Just imagine The Gothic series with those graphics and system engine,yeah people I know it is a nice dream..
minus trpka (8 months ago)
just realized i never played this
Letm Dark (10 months ago)
people who say this suck they are what we call "noobs" and actually those kind of people focus only on the graphics but for us real gamers we focus more on the questline/the lore of the full serie/gameplay/the open world and more... and ican say that teven if the graphics in this game arent cool enough but this was a fucking amazing game
Argus (10 months ago)
Can you add some updates of at the ending of the gamw you will stiil play pls
DrUnK SkYrIm (1 year ago)
Jeremy Madison (1 year ago)
I love the Risen games just as I loved the Gothic games and I am always looking forward to what they are making next.
EitherThisOrThat (1 year ago)
love the game, cant w8 to play Elex :D
ADTRXVIOLENCE (1 year ago)
this game fucking sucks.
Silver Teede (1 year ago)
Gothic2 will be the best game ever by PiranhaBytes
Lexus LC500 (2 years ago)
The Natives are the best faction imo. They're kind to most people and don't fight among themselves. Demon Hunters are good people too, but some of them are disliking each other. Guardians are dicks. They're mean and arrogant, they treat the gnomes like slaves, and they also fight among themselves.
sonosoloio (2 years ago)
I do not use magic or swords, use only rifles and muskets, which faction should I choose?
Latex teufel (2 years ago)
magic or demon hunters then you can use long range magic and healing
Jens Ich (2 years ago)
Das Piraten Outift bei Minute 0:58 woher bekommt man das ?
Haha I want to die (2 years ago)
das ist die letzte version der voodoo piraten fraktionsrüstung man bekommst sie wenn man ab kapitel 4 zum voodoo schamanen aufsteigt
Just Saying (2 years ago)
the guardian uses crystal magic sound like a code word for crystal meth
20kiv10 (2 years ago)
Is it really bigger then Gothic 3?
Zafelrede (2 years ago)
+20kiv10 they said twice as big as risen 2. gothic 3 was already bigger than skyrim i think
ohhhREALY (3 years ago)
hard mode (3 years ago)
no daggers? fuck you you hear me? fuck you!
InsanisMusic (3 years ago)
This game was shit, thank you for reusing the same fucking graphics as in risen 2, same places and same everything. I was so disappointed
urbium (3 years ago)
+InsanisMusic LOL. Witcher 3 is a huge piece of shit.
InsanisMusic (3 years ago)
Nothing can compete with The Witcher 3 in my opinion at the moment. I was very disappointed by Risen 3, that's all. I was expecting more from PB...
urbium (3 years ago)
+InsanisMusic Then you missed out on one of the best action RPGs this generation. Sure, there wasn't anything particularly novel or unique in the game mechanic-wise and sure, the overarching plot was pretty weak, but the gameplay was nothing short of amazing and the sheer amount of ways you can viably build your character is astounding. How many games let you cast a Rain of Fire spell, followed up with a couple blasts from a sawed-off shotgun and finish your opponent off with a well-aimed dagger? How many modern games give you 5 or so hours of faction-exclusive content spread across three factions? And with the new EE patch (which was completely free, btw), the game can now graphically compete with the big dogs. I actually like the environment design far more than something like Witcher 3; the locales are much more varied and interesting to look at, as well as having some impressive verticality. I'll be honest though, it took me nearly 5 hours to start appreciating it myself. But I mostly just take issue with your contention that, "everything in Risen 3 was the same as Risen 2," when that couldn't really be any further from the truth.
InsanisMusic (3 years ago)
+urbium yes, I played it. There was nothing new. I played all Gothic games and all Risen games. unfortunately after the first 5 hours of gameplay I let it go. Piranha Bites failed with this game. Totally.
urbium (3 years ago)
+InsanisMusic Um. No. Not at fucking all. Did you even play the game? Only a whopping 2 islands return from Risen 2 out of a total of SEVEN, and those 2 not only have been heavily redesigned, you spend almost no time on them at all. Even some of the characters who were in Risen 2 were actually completely altered for Risen 3 (Chani, Eldric and Patty), unlike in crap games like Mass Effect 3. The game is a masterpiece, PB's best since, well, Risen.
pyrright380 (3 years ago)
can u play this on ps4?
Shovon Rahman (3 years ago)
This is what I did... Before joining factions, I have completed every quest in every Island that you can finish before joining The Fractions(after joining a fraction you get more quest).. Then I saved the game while in a boat.. After that I traveled to 3 different island(Kila, Calador, Taranis) and joined 3 faction in a 3 different saved game.. :D that way, you can play with them all if you want... But if you don't complete all the quest before joining, you will have to do those remaining common quests with 3 fractions to proceed.. So it can be disturbing.
Zafelrede (2 years ago)
+Shovon Rahman there are some fraction specific dialog options, tough
Tony Hibbert (3 years ago)
sell spells recipes  and potions  buy melee points  . not nough ingredients  and costs too high to bother my opinion i am voodoo pirate and rarely use magic as hardly worth the effort sword is best  would be much better if all plants respawning
BIOSHOCKFOXX (3 years ago)
Game is shit...just like Risen 2 End of story.
BIOSHOCKFOXX (3 years ago)
+wernetto Not in my book, that's for sure, and a fact.
wernetto (3 years ago)
+BIOSHOCKFOXX still Risen series is better than Gothic. End of story. And Risen 3 was great.
andras major (3 years ago)
Im a demon hunter scout ! :3
Michał Ostrowski (3 years ago)
Great vid, think I'll play this awesome title once more;)
Phillip Krost (3 years ago)
Wich faction should I take
I think the deamon hunters are good
thecreator625 (4 years ago)
...wait, Eldric leads a Cult? Wasn't he a druid? I haven't played the game yet and plan to remedy that, but... how does that work? (If it's too big a spoiler, just say whether or not it is explained.)
Shovon Rahman (3 years ago)
Actually Eldric leads an army.. An Army whose ancestors found the weakness of the Titans long ago.. And found way using their own power against themselves.. Many of These Ancient knowledge can still be found scattered.. The Demon Hunters master these and they have only 1 goal.. Destroy the shadows at any means..
Radu TB (4 years ago)
Guardian is very awesome ! I must say
slip9906 (4 years ago)
anyone one wants my risen3???? ill sell it for 40 dollars. i really wish i never bought this. its so fuckig awful
heretic jesus (4 years ago)
this game remins me tha feble must be good!
SunzOffski (4 years ago)
Demon hunter should have a long bow. 
Anik Sarker (4 years ago)
Path to my home! It's getting dark in the world duh!!!
CrazyFreaksKanal (4 years ago)
Risen 1: "But I'm Gothic!" Risen 2: "But I'm still Gothic!" Risen 3: "I'm like an AddOn to Risen2?!"
thecreator625 (4 years ago)
More like: Risen 1: I'm a Gothic reboot! Risen 2: I'm a Gothic with pirates and Assassin's Creed combat system! Risen 3: I'm what Gothic 3 should have been!
MrDemonican (4 years ago)
No it's not. They make a progression. Yea this looks similar, but try to play Risen 2 and 3 in the same time. Them you'll see how much they done&and how much they copy I know, but still. For me this 20 ppl earn respect.
Mercenaru (4 years ago)
Couldn't agree more ! Actually i would edit by saying "risen 2 : But i'm gothic 2 expansion"
swaggy p (4 years ago)
such a shitty game lol
Esteban3999 (4 years ago)
I'd love bandits in game again, as in risen 1, i fucking love beeing thief in games. And what happend with Don Esteban? He disapeared i guess.
2138Dude (4 years ago)
I've finiished this gmae and this game sucks hard dicks. Making game like this in 2014 is simply retarded. I managed to finish it only because at the moment there are no games to play.
Death's Gaze (4 years ago)
There is something that I don't understand with this game. What the fuck is Patty supposed to be? Your girlfriend or sister,?
Andrei Răzvan Bălan (4 years ago)
+manupainkiller It's a welcome change in a way, wound be hard to justify the protagonist from the first two games loosing his skills again. At first I though he was the same too, but it got weirder and weirder when characters from the previous game did not recognize you.
Mercenaru (4 years ago)
+Mask Ok it seems I was wrong so I will clarify...Patty is the girlfriend of the hero from Risen 1 and Risen 2...and the sister of the hero from Risen 3. 
Mercenaru (4 years ago)
+Smaloki I see, you are not the same guy from Risen 1 and 2...I take my words back.  Never occured to me that Risen 3 could go in story with another character
Mercenaru (4 years ago)
+Andrei Balan I see, you are not the same guy from Risen 1 and 2...I take my words back.  Never occured to me that Risen 3 could go in story with another character.
Andrei Răzvan Bălan (4 years ago)
+manupainkiller You don't have an eye patch anymore. It's mentioned too here (http://www.worldofrisen.de/english/article_469.htm) "New hero, the character !!MINI-SPOILER!!                                       from previous Risen games will still play a starring role however."
Arienna K. (4 years ago)
I'm glad I found it.I played the Risen 1 only. 2 somehow didn't get my attraction.Reminds me the old Gothic rpg time. Very funny dialogs, charackters. I take this easy and enjoy the game, thank you all who created it.The only thing bothers me is the combat and that I have to put away my weapon to activate something.
Cluster lance (4 years ago)
U guys are so i**ot, why not on next gen?
T.E. B. (4 years ago)
Finally Gothic 3... Ahh I mean Risen 3 is out! This game is very awesome, even though and maybe mostly because it just copies and reapplies THE BEST ideas and concepts of Gothic 1 + 2. 3 Factions.. the rough, the establishment and the crazy. (Mages even want to build a giant weapon in this one... Hope they do not blow off some ore heaps ;-)   ) A leveling system that rewards early specialization and that makes your choices really impact what you can access of the game. 
Jonas (4 years ago)
only one question remains :D When will it be 50 -75 %in steamsale ?
Ben Mauney (4 years ago)
Just got the game yesterday and instantly loved
hammer247 (4 years ago)
Fucking pirates
Nedeljko Vunturisic (4 years ago)
i went for the demon hunters , just finished the game was nice :)
Drift wood (4 years ago)
i cant decide :(  it increases the replay value but I still cant decide what to pick on my first playthrough 
Drift wood (4 years ago)
+vilchisss after 15 hours of playing I decided to make a guardian, but Im gonna play all. Have fun :)
vilchisss (4 years ago)
I'm playing a demon hunter and loving it :)
ASAFYY (4 years ago)
is it shity like sacred 3???????????
SnowySnagel (4 years ago)
Guardians easily. 
Suan (4 years ago)
1 more day, can't wait. 
ry voin (4 years ago)
What happened to the inquisition?
Nemanja Micovic (4 years ago)
I have to admit, factions are really nicely designed and I find it very difficult who to join at the moment xD
thecreator625 (4 years ago)
+vilchisss Yup, double barrelled musket with 10 in marksman and you were immortal if you played it smart. You really could just ace the game like that with no trouble or ever levelling up anything else in terms of combat. Which is basically one of the reasons why you can objectively say Risen 2 was bad compared to its predecessor and successor. :)
vilchisss (4 years ago)
+MyNameIsDuffmarn I don't know if you are dumb or just can't read. He says "is this another game that is fun to play?" meaning that he's asking if Risen 3 is a good game to have fun with.  Not "Is there another game that is fun to play?" like asking for some other game. Good try at being a smartass tho.
MyNameIsDuffmarn (4 years ago)
+the1andonlytitch It can be difficult at first but if you are going to be gaming on a PC, I'd suggest getting used to the mouse. A lot more precision and fluidity in the controls IMO. 
MyNameIsDuffmarn (4 years ago)
+vilchisss Yeah to be honest that was what I was expecting but to be honest I absolutely loved Risen 2 and I am not looking for GOTY I am looking for a genuinely fun game if you know what I mean (I have wasted so much money on boring games recently COD, Watchdogs etc) is this another game that is fun to play? ;)
vilchisss (4 years ago)
Lol, why always someone has to bring an eso game? Yes, it's a good game, yes we all know it. But remember, what he was originally asking is that if he should get risen 3 or not.
MrShatoon (4 years ago)
Rip shields :(
xwebhead91 (4 years ago)
ikr ? it was the best addition to the fighting system ever since risen 1
Fata Morgana (4 years ago)
So, each class has is own storyline? 
SilverJawsCZ (4 years ago)
+Fata Morgana yep
Fata Morgana (4 years ago)
it's own*
Batman (4 years ago)
Bin echt stolz das die Macher bzw die Piranha bytes in meiner Stadt ist ! :D
Pralco (4 years ago)
Jeez, Piranha I swear I will buy this game. I don't have the money yet, but I will. I swear!
Alexander Sigmanor (4 years ago)
voodoo pirate? wtf lol
Shovon Rahman (3 years ago)
+Alex Sigmanor Voodoo pirate was pretty cool actually... :p I played with all the fractions.. Voodoo magics were awesome... draining opponents life and increasing yours. Reflecting the damage your opponent deal.. turn 1 enemy against the other.. Turn dead enemies to fight for you.. If the corpses are nearby you can make an army of undead animals, shadows and more.. :D seriously.. It's like the more enemies attack you.. the better..
Alexander Sigmanor (4 years ago)
+vilchisss played already, long ago, shit game, this part slightly better
vilchisss (4 years ago)
Play Risen 2 and you will understand.
Rick Francis (4 years ago)
This is a really great video, I really like how they go over each of the factions and show them actually working in game.  Great Job Piranha Bytes, you all look like you have come up with a winner this time by going back to the core roots. Cant wait to check this game out.
Arpy sZ (4 years ago)
can i be all 3 like in Risen 1 ?
Cabbage Man (4 years ago)
You will be able to do missions for all fractions, but only get the end-game benefits from 1.
WaSeKz (4 years ago)
Did you watched video? " If you join us you won't be able to join other faction. "
Kadomir (4 years ago)
This game a amazing! 
sten360 (4 years ago)
Looking forward to this! :) Demon Hunters seem the most appealing to me, with a mix of sword & magic. Who knows though, might change my opinion ingame. :)
Art0r1a (4 years ago)
+Ivan Panchev I too have a save where I can join any faction... and a little more. So I'm thinking that I'd rather start over for the second playtrough... when I get to it.
Ivan Panchev (4 years ago)
in other words it took me around 23-24 hours to get to this point and another 6 to destroy everything else beyond that point. Add 2 hours of backtracking because a certain crew member decides to dump you if your soul score is above 90 or something, BEWARE!!!
Art0r1a (4 years ago)
+Ivan Panchev I'm running around with 30 in melee and 0 in toughness and I'm killing even shadow lords... so you say that I'd better not spend points in toughness because it's not balanced?
Ivan Panchev (4 years ago)
+Art0r1a "Since I don't know how long the game is I did not want to do the majority of the quests before joining a faction. it'd be kind of silly to join a faction only to find out that I'm only an hour away from the end." ^That, bro, is where i went wrong. I did every quest possible before joining a faction so i can replay 3 times from that point. And it turns out you have a few quests regarding your crew, a lil bit of faction quests and a bit of story quest and thats it. This isnt gothic 2 where if you do every quest before you join a faction you are done with 1/5 of the game :(
Art0r1a (4 years ago)
+sten360 Since I don't know how long the game is I did not want to do the majority of the quests before joining a faction. it'd be kind of silly to join a faction only to find out that I'm only an hour away from the end. The freedom of exploration is THE best thing in the game and this is one of the many reasons I like Gothic and Risen games. On my second playtrough I will probably challenge myself to do as much as possible before joining a faction.
 Nitro Ram (4 years ago)
Nice music! It feels like Gothic!
Миша Лошин (4 years ago)
Ого the biggest ???))) gothic 3 ((
vBDKv (4 years ago)
0:34 Bigger than Gothic 3? ... I doubt that ........
Prince Mordred (4 years ago)
gothic 3 is huge, much more that risen 2, risen 3, risen 4.. and is necessary more time for complet for exempl nordmar missions...
ry voin (4 years ago)
+JIZAD "i dont give a fuck about ur opinion" then why are you replying?
glavgad (4 years ago)
+Strula Din Copac Gothic 3 is huge compared to other PB games, RIsen 3 is much smaller.
ry voin (4 years ago)
+JIZAD Dunno what trees you smoking but oh well :^)
vBDKv (4 years ago)
+Strula Din Copac Wut? It's pretty friggin huge
TheSergeyVasilyev (4 years ago)
Oh, no spoilers. Amazing Piranha Bytes!
Zafelrede (2 years ago)
+TheSergeyVasilyev Theres no real spoilers here
...First I must have to try the Demon Hunter faction! :)
thecreator625 (4 years ago)
+vilchisss Souls Series, brah. Battlemages were amongs the most popular and strongest builds ever since, especially in PvP. :D
vilchisss (4 years ago)
Uhh i don't know. I'm kinda stuck between guardian and demon hunter. Guardian seems like your typical battlemage,however i love the concept of a BM, considering that only a few games gives you that option besides Skyrim.  Demon hunters looks like a strong melee fighter with support abilities which is really cool too. However, i think the trailer doesn't seem to do good justice to the demon hunter in terms of outfits, i mean, the last guardian outfit shown here is insane, very well done  but the DM  outfit  is kinda "meh". Tough one, tough one...
Lonnie Draus (4 years ago)
Hahaha ich Habs bestellt und heute wurds Versand
SuperPbGamer (4 years ago)
Noch 2 Tage
Drift wood (4 years ago)
+SuperPbGamer Und wie gefällts euch? War in der ersten Mission ein wenig entäuscht, aber dann wurde alles besser. Wem seid ihr beigetreten?
SuperPbGamer (4 years ago)
+NewYorker01234 Spielst schon?
NewYorker01234 (4 years ago)
Habs schon gefunden im Laden

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