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Review: Sony Vaio F Series VPCF2

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Is the Sony Vaio F Series a great laptop computer? Why would you want a Sony Vaio vs. a Macbook Pro? Is it capable to get your work done on the go? Watch the video to find out.
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Text Comments (32)
Mustafa Bayraktar (6 months ago)
does it have an optical digital output?
Charles the m3 life (7 months ago)
Wow I have owned this laptop for years I play new game with no lag it has a i7 3.4 cpu 16 gigs of ram 1.5 gig Nvidia built-in graphics card 1 terabyte hard drive I love this computer my highest frame rate 225 fps on my 60 inch flat screen
Parks Adds (5 months ago)
Charles the m3 life do you have an ssd in it?
Jeremy Olson (2 years ago)
i have the sony vaio f236fm and it works great
bruno couto (2 years ago)
Hi, I own a VPC F236 FM since 2012, and it seems that my keyboard is malfunctioning. I need to replace it, but I can't find a proper replacement for it, because I imported it and the keyboard layout available for me contains the letter "Ç". Can it be used on my notebook anyway? I'm in the middle of a thesis, and I don't have time to wait 2 months for it to me to get it, nor the money to afford a new notebook. Thanks
Marq Britt (5 years ago)
The video is ok. Just stop editing over yourself in the video while you're talking, it's fucking annoying.
Marius G (5 years ago)
Performance wise - I do a lot of Photoshop and video editing ( Vegas ) and it works like a charm. The workflow in Vegas using 1080p footage is very good. Although there are faster processors out there, I'm interesting in the workflow rather than the encode time ( as I leave it on for the night ). Build Quality wise - I had better. . If you press on the VAIO logo it seems a bit more sensitive than I would expect from this class of laptop. I've had hi-end DELLs a lot tougher than this SONY.
Marius G (5 years ago)
I have this laptop - it's the US version with the 1920x1080 Vaio Premium screen which is to be honest one of the best laptop screens I have ever seen. It's pretty much comparable with the last 17 macbooks ( not the last retina ones tho ). I am a photographer and the screen quality is extremely important to me. Color separation is just insane. Angle wise, it's not bad but it could be a lot better but the screen was a huge selling point for me.
Lars Hidding (5 years ago)
the build quality isn't good?! what the hell are you talking about i have the EXACT same laptop and i've accidentaly dropped it down the stairwell and there wasn't even a little scratch on the casing! this laptop is better build than most macbooks
ben nadin (5 years ago)
i think its only ur laptop that does move on the back.
TheArc core (6 years ago)
to speed up the performance and boot up speed i recommend installing tune up utilities..i have the same laptop but with 3D
Donald Nguyen (6 years ago)
I just got this laptop!
ChaosInFear69 (6 years ago)
Damn I was really thinking about getting it. I guess its better to buy the acer aspire ethos laptop
ItalianTrickshots (6 years ago)
Is this good for editing videos, with Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas?
Alan Hasan (6 years ago)
Can this laptop hande full hd video Editing without lag or any problems?? i'm buying this tomorrow.. :s
Helen Sotillo (6 years ago)
asus n76 or sony vaio f? what should I buy? I'm a graphic and web designer and I love recording music and editing images and videos, thanks!
MrWhosnext (6 years ago)
If your laptop has to go back 7 times... you don't buy that brand anyway. So I am completely done with SONY ... maybe this VPCF2 will change that a bit but for now no more SONY ...
MrWhosnext (6 years ago)
I got this new computer after my FZ21 went back 7 times to sony repair. I will never buy a Sony again. But I got f.u.cking crazy from the noise of the FZ21 that I switched it with this new one. This one is 300 euro's more expensive than my previous one. Replace the HDD with SSD and boots up now in 12 seconds. Works realy fast. So next new laptop... in a couple of years will be a Apple !!
bot06 (6 years ago)
That will be actually really great. I was also going to ask you to make another video to show us the 1080p screen resolution on this laptop. There is none available. What I would like to see is open two windows side by side and see if the two windows are workable. On my macbook pro 13 they are almost not workable. It would be great to see it. Plus gesture and touchpad will be bonus!
bot06 (6 years ago)
at 4:39, "overall I can't recommend it" but I guess I heard it wrong. Although it still seem can't to me but you clarified it so that's good. I do not use mouse at all. I am looking for 1080p for web development and this one is at reasonable price. I can probably live with it if gestures are not good but if touchpad overall is bad, that will be a disappointment for me. You are right it is marketed under different names. For US customers it is probably F2 series :) Thanks for reply
bot06 (6 years ago)
This laptop or maybe similar is listed as F2 series on amazon not F series. \Sony-Series-VPCF232FX-16-4-Inc­h-Laptop/dp/B005KOCC84/ref=sr_­1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333909775&sr=­8-1 I am considering this esp for 1080p but I hear complain the touchpad is pretty bad. I am considering it for web development and entrainment btw no games. Also you said you do not recommend it but then you say to other commentators, it is a good laptop.
Usama Ahmed (6 years ago)
no problem . thanks anyways. :)
Usama Ahmed (6 years ago)
yeh :) i have a slight problem tho (nothing too major or something that concerns me too much) : People complain that they hear random stuttering noise when U am skyping. can u help me with that ?
Usama Ahmed (6 years ago)
using it right now :D great laptop! just got it yesterday.
walied XIV (6 years ago)
i have one :) v good laptop
JM Ou (6 years ago)
@benicellguy it's like a high pitch whistle noise thats very irritating~~ ><
JM Ou (6 years ago)
ii have a high pitch fan noise problem, do you have it??
enoch980 (6 years ago)
I paid about 850.00 by calling sony during a sale they had and "claiming" student discount. Plus an additional discount for them being late with the shipment. The laptop is great, but I noticed only half the "6" key on mine lights up. Also, the webcam is horrible in normal room light conditions (has a black and white look). A semi-fix to this problem, is adjusting the "saturation" to 100, uncheck "auto white balance" and manually set it to about 90% full. Also the numeric pad 0 key is unreliable
Francis Pelletier (6 years ago)
the flex is a good thing. if you drop it, it'll flex... if something is very stiff and doesn't flex it has more chances of breaking and cracking...
hossam eldin Hassan (6 years ago)
webcam is shitty
Anoush13 (6 years ago)
I got it for Christmas! This laptop is amazing!
MOBEMONEY (6 years ago)
i already made up my mind mac book pro haha

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