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Why I've Invested $1000 in Walton Coin (WTC) - Waltonchain Review

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Today i'm Telling You Why I've Put $1000 into Walton. It's one of my favourite cryptocurrencies and based upon this video, you should understand why. First article you should read: https://hackernoon.com/waltonchain-and-the-china-mobile-iot-alliance-connecting-the-dots-with-cryptos-biggest-4a986cccc00b Boxminings videos where he visits Walton: (Checking out the demo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzhXncTVOzA&t=774s (Inverview and more demo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0rVORZ7Kmo ► GET YOUR FREE COURSE HERE ◄ http://andyhafell.com/Free-Beginner-Course DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM THIS, OR ANY OF MY VIDEOS. I'M JUST SHOWING YOU DIFFERENT WEBSITES AND METHODS THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF MAKING MONEY. YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. ALSO IF YOU SEE ANY LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION, IT IS A HIGH CHANCE IT IS AN AFFILIATE LINK. Contact me: [email protected]
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Text Comments (31)
Andy Hafell (9 months ago)
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77 k (1 month ago)
Cuz you're a MORON!
Gabriel Kawa (3 months ago)
I don't why I didn't pay attention to it but I'll be investing in it soon
Gabriel Kawa (1 month ago)
James Cox (5 months ago)
What happens if a company copies RFID tags and produces counterfeit? This would throw off all data?
Andy Hafell (5 months ago)
The rfid tags has to be connected to Walton. If it's not, they know it's fake
Lothar Scholz (8 months ago)
It's chinese. It's speculation.
raptorak1 (8 months ago)
Love walton, my number one coin. Supply chain coins are awesome, check out origin trail as well since it is pretty cheap right now.
Neftaly Felix (8 months ago)
WTC is a sleeping Giant
Crypto Reporter (8 months ago)
In-depth review of Waltonchain: http://www.crypto-reporter.com/news/waltonchain-rfid-blockchain-supply-chain-management-1026/
Ollie P (8 months ago)
Walton will be coin of the year 2018!!!
77 k (1 month ago)
Andy Hafell (8 months ago)
Hell yeah!
JCredible86 (8 months ago)
Great video subscribed literally 3 seconds after I pressed play. I knew from the quality of the intro the quality wouldn't stop there. Keep up the good work.
Andy Hafell (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot! Will be a lot of other kinds of videos before i can go and tackle a new substratum video though. so hang in there ;)
balma13baby (8 months ago)
Love Walton, finally somebody is using the blockchain and IoT for a need.
Marlon Bussey (9 months ago)
What's up with the music?
Domitjen1234 (9 months ago)
Shared on the fb group ! , nice review..this will be huge in 2020.
Andy Hafell (9 months ago)
+Domitjen1234 thanks alot, cheers!
adrenaline (9 months ago)
price prediction for EOY 2018? thinking of dropping 1000 today on some WTC and HODLING
Andy Hafell (8 months ago)
Absolutely it should. Vechain is better at marketing. and News drives the market SOOO much in Crypto. But In some time they'll find that Walton's tech is better. Than going to be a race to who has a working product on a mass scale. The first that comes up with a real and applicatable product wins the majority market shares. So it's a race, and Walton's allready kicking ass.
Andy Hafell (8 months ago)
Hell yeah! It's ready for the moon!
adrenaline (8 months ago)
I ended up buying around 50 at $22. HODLING
Andy Hafell (8 months ago)
+Peter Griffin Nice! The last day wtc has been gaining like crazy. I wanna buy more but it doesn't wanna dip, and I refuse to buy all time highs Haha
paabs (9 months ago)
!remindme 1 year
Office Outlet (9 months ago)
WTC is by far our favorite coin! Waltonchain has stated that its closest competitor in terms of market and scope is IOTA. They said Vechain has more potential for a partnership than competition.
artix86 (8 months ago)
IOTA did not present their chip yet. They will do it in Q1 and it will be trinary.
Domitjen1234 (9 months ago)
Haha, I was shouting that in my mind when you were talking about Vechain, thought u didn't know it and was about to reply what u just said here, so all is well :p
Office Outlet (9 months ago)
Wow, that is fantastic! I had no idea... Thanks for sharing that mate :)
Andy Hafell (9 months ago)
Awesome! It's got to be my favorite coin as well. One Thing that totally debunks any of WTC's competitors is something that i didn't get to say in the video: All of wtc's competitors are using RFID integrated trough an API, leading to centralization. Meaning if someone hacks the API they will have controll over all the Rfid Chips that are concerned. With walton Each and every single chip is on its own and directly connected to the blockchain. It's the only IoT coin that is truly decentralized. On top of that Walton have some patents pending on this exact tech. I'm getting more and more certain that Walton will be top 5 in 2018, once they start testing and implementing this tech.

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