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Unboxing Sony PS4

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Today Sony released the Playstation 4 (codenamed PS4) to the public in order to get into people's homes. In this video, I show you all the contents that come with the PS4, showing all the ports on the PS4, as well as going over the specs of the console. Want to see what the PS4 looks like as well as someone's first impressions? Stick around and take a look! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/benicellguy Follow me on instagram: http://instagram.com/benicellguy
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Text Comments (4)
Paul Chirico (5 years ago)
Does your ps4 wobble?
benicellguy (5 years ago)
Yeah, but not much and it's only if you push on the bottom left corner when you're looking at it fromt the top.
Redhusky Gaming (5 years ago)
Good job
benicellguy (5 years ago)
Thank you!

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