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Steam Booster Packs Explained! (How to Get, Drop Rate, Chance Calculator, Eligibility & Gems)

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The Steam Booster Pack explained, fully! What it is/what they do, how to get booster packs 2 ways, plus your drop rate/chance and how to calculate it easily! Includes both eligibility requirements & odds for freely allocated packs and how to craft them from gems!
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Amrane Segueni (4 months ago)
I have 50 level and i didnt get 1 booster pack
Wow. How long have you had a high level? How many games have you earned all the card drops for (check your eligibility)? I'm at 49 currently and I've only had a few, here and there over the last couple of years or so. They're pretty rare.
Mạnh Phạm (7 months ago)
do i have to keep the droped cards to have eligible for a booster pack drop? because i had sold them
No, you don't need to keep them. I do the same thing all the time, lol. There's a button, either on your Badges page or Inventory page, I think, to check your booster pack eligibility.
Jason M (9 months ago)
in the beginning, i thought it was my mouse on the vid.. i tried moving it for several seconds and was clicking it on the vid to resume playing.. smh. fail
We've all done it least once, I think, haha.
karten kartensen (24 days ago)
i did it also one time xd gonna feel dumb
+Jason M xD
mustardbeard (9 months ago)
I don't think idle master is safe like you can get vac banned
I've never used that... but you can just actually leave the games running and get the cards that way (you don't need to be actively playing).
Bob Americana (9 months ago)
sounds like a circle jerk...so i can sell this shit for wallet money to convert into game DLC's ?
+Bob Americana Yes, and yes... lol.
Boxy Animations (1 year ago)
idle master is safe i got 3 PayDay 2 badges yestrday if anyone whants to trade an the elephant badge for dallas we can do that just add me on steam SjuxGames
DesertC0mbat (1 year ago)
thankyou for this great guide, keep it up!
Thank YOU! Will do! :D
Dankturret (1 year ago)
Can I add you on steam
+Dankturret np!
Dankturret (1 year ago)
GrobeMan Gaming ty
+Dankturret Sure! :)
khalid mamay (1 year ago)
Hi man VERY GOOD VIDEO I have a question I Live in Morocco and My Visa card does not work on Steam How to put money to Steam At least 5 directories This is what Steam tells me
khalid mamay (1 year ago)
Yes a lot
+khalid mamay Glad to help! :)
khalid mamay (1 year ago)
Thank you very soo man
Thanks! You can also use PayPal, or you may be able to find Steam wallet gift cards either in stores or online.
Darnell Clark (1 year ago)
You justGained a Subscriber 👍
+Darnell Clark Hooray! Thank you! :D
Blueslime231 (1 year ago)
Very helpful video, yet again. Thanks!
Thank YOU! :)
Whiteczyk (1 year ago)
Bro, I need like 42xp to be lvl 5 and that's when u get a lot of cards for going thru the discovery cue to get cards
Aha. Well based on those timings I've probably been about ten levels ahead of you for most of that time (currently at 54). It also depends on which games you have, because booster packs are supposedly given out based on the "community" crafting badges, so more active games with more people crafting badges for them should be more likely to result in packs being distributed.
Bas Sedda (1 month ago)
ive had steam for about the same time, have been lvl 10+ for about 2-3 of those years, lvl 20+ since about 2013 lvl 30+ since 2016 and lvl 40+ since early 2018, but i have friends that get packs when they're level 8 and have only 40 games.
Wow. They are pretty rare. I've only ever gotten a few, maybe 3 or 4, over something like 8 years now. Did get one recently though.
Bas Sedda (1 month ago)
im lvl 40, have over 120 games with trading cards, never got 1 pack
So close! xD Well, craft one more badge and you'll be there!
Marius The Gamer (1 year ago)
This was very helpful!
Marius The Gamer (1 year ago)
Thank you! :)
Vlochem (1 year ago)
WoW i mean like WoW this steam sale is huge!
Vlochem (1 year ago)
NOW that i think About iT i think i should take them for trading.
The booster packs are always there, but the sale is a good time to earn cards, use them, and draw attention to the existence of the packs! ;D
cory bartell (1 year ago)
Posted on my birthday:D
JohnJohnDK (3 months ago)
happy birthday 9 days ago xD
Hooray! Happy Birthday, you also got first comment! :D

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