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Can Clan Wars Be Exploited? Pros & Cons of Matchmaking

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Can Clan Wars Be Exploited? | CWA Mobile Gaming Subscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722 Watch Next, Pompeyo vs SurgicalTS BO5, https://goo.gl/bDQw1t Today in a Clash Royale bonus video we'll discuss Clan War matchmaking and the pros and cons carried with it. I'll also bluntly address my concerns about possible exploitation in Clan Wars, especially as the feature becomes more competitive with top clans. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of Clan Wars and this video is coming from a good place, wanting what's best for the game. I can't wait to read your feedback on the topic! Enjoy! *Shownotes* ►►Radio Royale w/ timestamp, https://goo.gl/kiGbYU *Watch More* ►►Going for #1 w/ Off-Meta Freeze Deck! - https://goo.gl/cR7xfR ►►15 Tips to Win Clan Wars! - https://goo.gl/5SMPfX ►►Nobody Can Beat Her!! - https://goo.gl/AqoQx9 I'm Proud to be a community partner with Bren Chong! ►► Instagram - https://goo.gl/jEcVu1 ►► Twitter - https://goo.gl/c1u5V8 ►►Check out my player profile: https://goo.gl/Ve4J1S ►►Top deck text guides: https://goo.gl/NJzUuG Meet the CWA team!: ►►Editing Credits to ErnieC3 - https://goo.gl/779rN4 ►►Thumbnail Credits to Mthja - https://goo.gl/HVVrfC ►►StatsRoyale Guides by Carl - https://goo.gl/X9p7ke ►►Patreon Management by Shajan - https://goo.gl/UKcL9u ►►Stream Management by KeaGirl - https://goo.gl/BVP56u ►►DECK LINK►► Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: ►►https://goo.gl/nh2VUM THANK YOU to my PATREONS!! LOVE YOU ALL! - James Dalebrook - Kiwi Klasher - Adam Stauber - Tyler Skinner - DangerDonkey - Jake Martin - Dimsum - Mark Meyers - Adam Perez - The Slim Fool - LegitLet'sHacks - Yousuf AlAraifi - Nate Dog - Jerry E Case - Colton Hathaway Social Media- ►►Twitter - @Clash_With_Ash ►►Instagram - Clash_With_Ash ►►Facebook - Clash With Ash Official ***YouTube Hall of Fame*** - Kiwi Klasher - https://goo.gl/tGiBB4 - Coltonw83 - https://goo.gl/rBTQ8x - Divesh98 - https://goo.gl/NmxEmw - Lex Mobile Gaming - https://goo.gl/tWDAxM - BroKen Clash Royale - https://goo.gl/yVrRFw - Toasted Toast Gaming - https://goo.gl/9miGQq - Lola's Gaming (no voice) - https://goo.gl/KXvBVM - iFerg - https://goo.gl/xJDGTY - NotFarFromGaming - https://goo.gl/919Hcm - Hampsh Gaming - https://goo.gl/oV9vft - NigerianNemesis - https://goo.gl/1cNp2z - KairosTime - https://goo.gl/mGBW4J - Bufarete Gaming - https://goo.gl/LUjbj1 - GrogeGaming - https://goo.gl/d7RCGm - Heisenberg Gaming - https://goo.gl/JK2Qo7 - Wonderbrad - https://goo.gl/Qe9nwc - SirTag - https://goo.gl/tNHP1x - Hazard - https://goo.gl/sFCSCz - TheFinalBoss - https://goo.gl/ZZ5MHB - ChiefAvalon - https://goo.gl/xXg5Pr - DaRealLegend - https://goo.gl/5J5B7m - Clash With Musa - https://goo.gl/3xNHDB - JDsGameInn - https://goo.gl/miyFk6 - Anattack King - https://goo.gl/RgTrux - SlyceOfBryce - https://goo.gl/CusThQ - JK - Clash Royale - https://goo.gl/6cB3T8 - Clash Galaxy Gaming - https://goo.gl/sDVMEm - Mthja - https://goo.gl/SbyNPD - Asascha - https://goo.gl/4p2W3N - Corrosive Logic - https://goo.gl/Wc3KPX - AnimalsPlayGaming - https://goo.gl/xJTvKd - Coach Cory Brawl Stars - https://goo.gl/ii1XSk - AlphaGorGons - https://goo.gl/Vd5HDL - Games With Ben - https://goo.gl/U637Zd - ZaloniX - https://goo.gl/K4XZf7 - Gaming with AB - https://goo.gl/qCkPd6 Pick up your CWA swag here!! ►► https://teespring.com/stores/cwa-mobile-gaming
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Text Comments (1160)
CWA Mobile Gaming (6 months ago)
Hey guys! As most of you know, I love the Clan Wars feature/update. I just wanted to address a few points of concern I had that could possibly come to bite us in the future if not addressed now. What do you think? Was I too hard? Too soft? Just right? ;-) Lemme know!
DoubleDown645 (6 months ago)
The question I have is, are there separate hidden calculations for card collection battles and the final war day battle? If not, wouldn't it be better to tank all card collection battles so as to get matched up against worse players in the final war day battle? Also during collection day, do the different game modes have their own hidden calculations to determine who you get matched up with?
King 007 (6 months ago)
Make some more pekka ladder . please
Ethan Harris (6 months ago)
CWA Mobile Gaming how can I get ahold of you I have this perfect deck I want you to check out and let me know how you like it is perfect for sudden death I win everytime
Manas Thaker (6 months ago)
CWA Mobile Gaming the solution of this is only one thing "TOURNAMENT STANDARDS "
GunGrave 787 (2 months ago)
I just reach 3096 troffies im at lvl 9 castle ive been playing collecting day and been playing against lvl 12 players while im lvl 9 i dont think its fair.
PSwitch (3 months ago)
I play this rage mode for collection day : Face lvl 12 w maxed out cards as lvl 10 with tournament standard cards only
Jyoytirupa Dhal (5 months ago)
Clan war should have a season reset where leagues should reset now its not possible to create a new clan and getting into the clan war leaderboard
NEEL ROY (5 months ago)
Im at 3700 trophies and i always get matched up against 4100 and up players. Their card levels are 2-3 levels higher.thats why i always play draft on war so we both same same level of cards
NoTaGAiN OLi (5 months ago)
I remember when I was playing coc, I used to do a lot of my clanmates atk to take the win, I wont lie, sometime I play with my gf accounts and of course its auto win. I bet theres nothing to do against this...
Alex Josephy (5 months ago)
I'm 14-0 because I've got some 2 final battles in wars. But collection day is another beast entirely. Constantly matched up against players with multiple maxed cards when I'm not even close to maxing my first card.
Issac Spurgeon (5 months ago)
I want another mode that is mirror deck
Jorge Andrés Palma (5 months ago)
Trophy count doesn't affect the outcome (or not so much) of a clan war final day battle. Considering you have the lvl 9-10 king tower and all cards in tourney lvls +1, the outcome will come out of the luck of your collection day cards and the synergy of the deck. Not really an impact if you are a p2w user but you can't make a decent deck.
Curtis Godfrey (5 months ago)
13-1 i’m not the greatest player have a 4192 max but my hidden skill is making making decks i don’t want to be penalized for winning, matchmaking should be based on equal levels or war trophies and the higher the trophies the more loot
Greedo Nunb (5 months ago)
I'm at 4000 and my clan has 750 clan trophies. So guess how many trophies my war day opponent had? 2200! CW matchmaking is just RIGGED
abdurrahman aydin (5 months ago)
15 clanwar Fights and 15 wins. Had 2 Times Double Attack .
Nikola Stanojevic (5 months ago)
Best way to play clan wars is to let best player(players that are in leagues, because thay get the most cards from chests), an use that tactic until last game of season, and than last game of season all players need to particapate, and all of you will get good rewards. Sorry for bad Emglish
Rick Donnelly (5 months ago)
Clan wars penalizes smaller clans too much. We have had a few wars were 3 people had 2 attacks on war day. But that doesn't help us when we have fewer cards earned. Viable deck options are what kills my clan right now.
akshay shelke (5 months ago)
I m 13-0 till now will I lose now?
What if they reset a person's win percentage when they join a new clan?
Thomas Pexlivanis (5 months ago)
i think the matchmaking should be based on card levels and king tower levels
Ben Lim (5 months ago)
i've been guilty of ringing for my 4.3k friend to win for him, ill stop :(
BORING GAMER (5 months ago)
i have 11 warday wins
dalton rich (5 months ago)
Or make things like tournament standard sudden death and tournament standard double elixir etc but leave the non tournament standard their also so theirs more variety
dalton rich (5 months ago)
MY PERSONAL OPINION. King level matchmaking is the way to go win% and trophies are not good win % just lose all but the one you need and for trophies the high trophies people could just drop trophies if it fails make it tournament standard collection day. I cant do any wars on my level 9 second account because my cards just cant compete like theirs can.
Fred (5 months ago)
I am at Arena 10 and they put me against a League 2 player, WTF
ClasherGamerHD (6 months ago)
I prefer it to be skilled based
Lion Lion (6 months ago)
Na clan has 720 clan trophies.
TheBestEver1998 (6 months ago)
What we do is only kicking people who do not attack or not attack 3 times during collection day
dilapidatedmimba (6 months ago)
These are some great ideas for my clan to win with
VeXrA (6 months ago)
I’m 12-0 on war day and the people I go against are all 20 win 4K+ trophy players
Frévot (6 months ago)
On collection day my level 9 account face lv 11 ... So i MUST play ONLY draft match because i always face over level ... I don't know why supercell didn't think about tournament level in collection day ...
Deaglemann1 (6 months ago)
Whats the point of a leaderboard, if everyone is gonna win 50% eventually... This system seems really bad, I don't think supercell would implement something like that. I'm at 12:0 and still being matched up against bad players, so I really don't think this is how war day matchmaking works.
azlastor (6 months ago)
So... did I get this right? we are matched by win% alone? It can't be like that it's obviouly flawed... Shouldn't we only be matched by our Clan War throphies? Or randomly across our Clan War League? Anything else sounds really unfair and introduces way more problems than it solves... A high winrate account is undesirable for a clan... and a low winrate account is an asset... because over time both will tend to 50% winrate independently of the clan they are in. (this is only not true in the extremes of the player distribution where matchmaking breaks down) Taking individual skill for Clan War matchmaking doesn't make sense anyway... you are 1/50th of the outcome... there's only so much "boosting" you can do (which is one of the only "problems" that it addresses). Haven't lost yet but even if I could win indefinitely, I would start losing the second my clan got to Silver league because of the higher level King Tower and cards... So this flawed system won't really affect me but if I got that right it's just a huge blunder...
Darin Bynum (6 months ago)
Wolfpack (top 200 usa) went for a 2 team system. They alternate participating in the wars, although they have about 10 guys (their best) that play every single war. So the 10 + team 1 (20) do one war, then the next war the 10 + team 2 (20) go. We'll see how that goes
Jack Drake (6 months ago)
The fairest way for match making in CW is simple. Make all matches against players in the same League as you. So if you are in silver 3 then you play other players in silver 3. Perhaps if the game is struggling to find a match in the exact same league after 5 seconds or so it simply matches you against someone in the same league bracket as you (i.e. bronze, silver etc.) This way it is not exploitable and you should face relatively fair matches. In addition your individual skill as a player should matter, under the current system everyone is equally valuable because you will be paired against players of a similar skill level. The better players in the clan should be winning most of their matches and the weaker ones should be losing theirs, otherwise whats the point of improving as a player if your not rewarded.
GetOffMyNuts (6 months ago)
Collection day is horrible all it needs is tournament standard its annoying to lose to people with max cards, war day is great though and actually takes skill im 8 - 0 in war day wins i hope theyll update collection day
adam brinks (6 months ago)
skill match is stupid, pretty much means in a year everybody will be at a 40-60% win rate
GAME FEVER SP (6 months ago)
i have played 10 final matches for war and won all 10.I am at 3800 and most of my opponets are from 3400.3-4 were over 4200.
Dino OP (6 months ago)
I think the matchmaking system should just be totally random and left to rng
Marius Becker (6 months ago)
Rubish. I dont wont to lose because I am a good player. That is unfair.
agnes lapid (6 months ago)
first i thought collection day not being tournament standard is ok BUT THEN IT HAPPENED i played double elixir ,as a level 9 player i thought i would face a level 9 or 10 but i faced a level 12!? and not just that he also have a LEVEL 13 ROYAL GIANT!!! even though i defended his pushes well my counter pushes didnt even reach the tower and goblin barrel just gets killed by his zap i got three crowned because eventually he had two royal giants in the map and my troops cant defend them quickly my troops stabbing his royal giant as fast as they could but the RG's cannon deals 200+ each shot and he also had reer splash troops ,to put it simply i think collection day should be tournament standard if they dont wanna do that atleast match players BASED ON THEIR CARD LEVELS NOT KING LEVEL so those lvl 10s using a max deck can face off against another player with a max deck too.
LinusXV (6 months ago)
We had one war with an inferno tower, a poison, a zap, a lightning, a heal spell and a rage spell. We got over 3700+ cards and we had 12 unique cards and half aren't even troop cards. Fuck.
Marie Kate (6 months ago)
As a leader on my clan i hate my member who did not win from start of clan wars till now..so i wait for those member who didnt donate for a week then i kick out of my clan
Marco Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Very very often while playing I get back to back matches with players with similar decks... Happens so often doesn't seem random, do you have any explanation besides those are popular decks because only happens back to back?
King 007 (6 months ago)
Make some more pekka ladder . please
ツblondEEagle (6 months ago)
our clan that is not ranked at all played against Half Baked™ clan that is ranked like 60 in the world....pretty fair
Pyr0cL4st1cFLoW (6 months ago)
Matchmaking should be RANDOM. Period. If they are basing on on hidden win percentages that is RIGGED. How is this even a question?
Adam Harp (6 months ago)
lul he lost subs while recording
Pocker (6 months ago)
Being good at the game is not rewarding at all. It's ridicullous :(
Andrew Wong (6 months ago)
I would wish for matchmaking on skill AND levels. It's not fun playing as a lvl 11 vs a lvl 13 who has max or 1 lvl from max cards during collection day. On war day I would like the same, similar levels and skill
Yash Permalla (6 months ago)
tbh cam, i dont think anyone except you were smart enough to think of these strategies until you told them. good job, lol jk
Yash Permalla (6 months ago)
I always win all of my collection day battles, and always lose my war day battle.... only lost 4 collection day battles out of 18, I've won one war day battle out of 6. edit: im also f2p in case anyone was wondering
Daniel Clayton (6 months ago)
On collection day on my second account at 3300 trophies unless I play draft every person I came against was above 4000 trophies and had double the levels
Zoro (6 months ago)
Except a lot of my clan members use overleveled ebarbs, and are pretty much trash at any other deck
David Silva (6 months ago)
No one has the time to fix a player...Come on...Lets be honest here ...
PlayerForSerendipity (6 months ago)
GOD, I HAVE 100% HITRATE.... i' m going to die soon...😣
Jordan Yandeau (6 months ago)
10-0 on War day attacks, but my clan is absolutely fucking horrible...
Luca Brock (6 months ago)
I've already got 10 Final Match Wins
Ramekbal Singh (6 months ago)
I am a player who is barely in legendary arena. I hover in the 3600-3900 range. I completely roll over all my opponents. So I am saying that it is rigged and I am on the winning side of this
Psyk000si (6 months ago)
Its crap. Versus the clan chest on low lvl clans u get crap chests
Nick Prater (6 months ago)
I hate that it is based on skill. Because it is set up this way every match is the sweatiest match ever, or at least it will be eventually when the game has enough data to match you properly. We have ladder for constant pressure like that. What I like about a random matching system is that you can absolutely stomp someone which is good for everyone. The bad player can learn from his mistakes and the good player can take satisfaction and a feeling of rewardance away from their skill. Then you will also have matches where you get someone of equal skill which is always nice too.
Hi Fella (6 months ago)
I need clan like FWA on COC in CR😉😉👍
Jacob Griffith (6 months ago)
I'm 10-0 on war day with my baby account (lvl 10 with 3900 trophies)
WhosFaulty (6 months ago)
I'm undefeated
el ro (6 months ago)
most fair matchmaking is ladder trophies
AG Wreck (6 months ago)
There are almost always going to be ways to exploit most games. I personally do not have the time nor do I care enough to use these exploits but I suppose those people that really try hard can find lots of ways to game the system. I cannot personally think of a much better way to do matchmaking that won't end in possible exploits. I think maybe you just leave it how it is and accept the fact that theres a small minority of players that are going out of their way to get an edge in the wars idk lol. maybe like a multi layered system like Firstly go off Win percentage in war then after do like a ladder win percentage/trophy check and that way someone will have to Tank in wars and ladder and will make it not worth doing?
AG Wreck (6 months ago)
Would be hilarious if they made the system so that pretty much all the sandbaggers are matched against other sandbaggers :-)
Afonso Catarino (6 months ago)
Today I did a war day battle with 59 people viewing live... I was flipping tf out but I won so am I famous now :P
Michael Blount (6 months ago)
Some very good ideas here Ash! Lol
Sunfish Gaming (6 months ago)
I’m not really liking the clan wars so far because my clan sucks so much :( It sucks to say that because I’m a coleader but I didn’t realize we had so few good players. I’m 10-1 on my clan wars attacks but my clan only gets 4-5 wins each war and we always place that last place 5th. Actually anyone’s clan here in the comments looking for a good clan war player? Looking to join a half decent clan lol. Edit: after watching through the rest of the video, I’ve tried coaching our worse players. I’ve encouraged them to play only their favorite/best collection day mode. I even spectate and help with strategy. Most of all I build solid decks with and without legendaries around every win condition from collection day. I don’t suggest the decks unless I can win with them in challenges and on ladder, and share replays of me winning with them against different archetypes. People still don’t take my deck suggestions, even though the few players that do are the only ones consistently winning their war day battles. It’s really frustrating.
Tyler Holbrook (6 months ago)
When any of my clan mates are struggling in war, I just tell them to watch your videos Ash
Tyler Holbrook (6 months ago)
Matchup pools should be based on win percentage and highest arena reached by each player. That way people can’t gain an unfair advantage by trophy dropping
Vladusel RCA (6 months ago)
I am a ch 1 f2p player and I would like to be matched agains a ultimate chapion that has lvl 9 rares(if it does exist :)) )than facing a maxed out guy who is at that number of trophyes just because his cards win the game,and not the player.(P.S:If I defeat a maxed player I will definetly BM him because his wallet beats my skills,wich is not fair)
Swmai Debbarma (6 months ago)
i ve seen many videos earlier.....but this time i felt like you have a longer face today
Lorenzo Angelini (6 months ago)
Very nice video Ash! Your considerations are the thing that i value the most about clan wars, everybody is forced outside of the comfort of the same usual deck, that they know to the last detail, and need to think and research for making a great deck with limited card! Thanks for the contents man, Cheers
Jon Rosalie (6 months ago)
Match Making At Clash Royale is Still Rigged (Whether Its Clan war Or Ladder) SC dont Want Us To Win Too Much, Because if we Loose Often, more Chance We Feel To Buy Gems, SC Wants Us to Spend More Gems On Upgrading Cards, so we think we can be better, Business Move Is Always On SC mind Of Course
Abdul Ahad (6 months ago)
10-0 ✌✌✌
LohpezhohBB (6 months ago)
The problem is that war deck's cards can't be higher than your cards, so, some of the members of my clan, that don't have everything at tournament level (approx the level wich we get the cards in collection day), they are put with a tremendous disadvantage. For example, pekka lvl 2 vs pekka lvl 4, some rare cards lvl 5 vs rare cards lvl 7, etc. In conclusion, I think the matchmaking would be better based on personal card level
Justin Ruiz (6 months ago)
*_RIP Clash Royale_* Exploited to death.
Justin Ruiz (6 months ago)
As if Ragequitting wasn't bad enough...
Tom Mason (6 months ago)
Got our first Clan Wars chest -- IT SUCKED!!! Two weeks for few and crappy cards. Bring back Clan Chest.
Tom Mason (6 months ago)
Go read the Clan Wars reddit threads. Most hate Clan Wars after receiving their first chest. Done playing.
iamwazziieeYT (6 months ago)
11/11 WINS ON WAR DAY BATTLE .. got to admit it is getting a bit tougher xD
Denis Ribar (6 months ago)
Hey guys! Clan wars season and clan war ended at same time, I was about to open the chest suddenly clan war trophies came up and my chest disappeared *cryface* Anyone got a same problem?
pinkboy87 (6 months ago)
How come some of my clan members receive chests and others don’t? Is there a glitch? Or possibly a participation issue?
Manas Thaker (6 months ago)
we need TOURNAMENT STANDARDS so only skills matter because card levels also depends i to clan members cards LIKE i have LEVEL 10 hog rider BUT.....i always get LEVEL 8 HOG THAT'S NOT WHAT FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS LIKE !
Josip Kapetanić (6 months ago)
I think that if you ahve the same levels as your opponent you have no real excuoses (other then a counter deck, but thats not the point)
Glen Clarke (6 months ago)
Determining war match up's based on win % is an absolute joke. Now I know why I started 5-0 and have since gone 1-3. I don't know why SC insists on having a system where everyone should win exactly 50% of the time regardless of their skill. Why even try?? The point about tanking matches at the end is a good one because it not only affects that player but also gives away a freebie win to another clan
Jeff Klinger (6 months ago)
The rewards are pitiful, playing battles on war day against an opponent with 2-3 level higher cards, having to build a deck based on what Supercel decides to give you, sorry Ash but this is not fun or rewarding, hate to say it but clan chest was better, and its not even close.
michiel dhaese (6 months ago)
I hate that the game modes are sudent death /double elixer / 2 vs 2 i play with hog cycle decks all the time and i am on 4000+ trophies but those gamemodes are impossible to win with cycle decks because you always play against beatdown decks and mine arent that upgraded as theres so yeah i only play swap
Ajust (6 months ago)
I'm still on 8-0 on war day😄
Pablo Laiseca (6 months ago)
Unirse a Polen Royale para un clan activo en guerras de clanes! Estamos en liga de plata! min 4.000 copas
Joshua Lindeboom (6 months ago)
I like the fact that matchmaking is skillbased. I think no other system would be quite as fair. I am just a little concerned about it being so easily influenced. I think the skill trophies should also take into account your challenge cards won, your trophy history (how high were you able to climb in what time?), your victories over other players with a lot of skill trophies,...
Kevin George (6 months ago)
Pretty much our clan is unable to earn as much reward as crown chest provided. For two weeks of play we earn less than half of a max level crown chest.
MrMcys (6 months ago)
CWA, thanks for bringing this up. Strongly suggest CR to match players based on level instead of win rate. Having the same level platform creates a fair competition for everyone. In any competition, skill is what we need to compete against each other, but firstly it must be in a fair platform.
Mokilglp (6 months ago)
My problem is if you match up against other players with the same percentages, than your clan should average out at about 25 wins every time, so your clan wont be able to gain trophys even if they are way better than the other clans in bronce for example because worse players play against worse players and win about the same
Niklas Nordin (6 months ago)
I just wish they'd allow more matches on collection day, but only the 3 best games would count. Matchmaking would be based from these 3 games and you could play as many as you wanted or until you won three times.
Felipe Martínez (6 months ago)
Them have to nerf credit card
Rocky Rider (6 months ago)
Overleveled cards have destroyed collection day for me.
K. Seezy (6 months ago)
We just want use our decks
Psyco The Reaper (6 months ago)
You really are an idealistic man. No one, or very few people, admits that they are bad to the game. What you suggested would be nice, if people would had the right knowledge about their skill in game. They will find blame in everything else to justify their loses. And I can't blame them. The fault is in the game. We change from a Clan activity that rewarded everyone despite skill level. Now, the reward is worst (we only get a clan chest once per 2 weeks instead of once per week) and you need a clan with a good amount of skilled players to thrive. The only thing positive about clan wars is the collection day game types. But i would rather have them in conjunction with the hold once a week clan chest. Other thing not related to Clan Wars, i don't really understand why so many quest are still bind to 1v1 ladder matches. i don't see any reason to not have them open to 2vs2 or challenges.
Killer05 (6 months ago)
Everybody is to lazy to exploit the matchmaking...
Chua Cheng Hong (6 months ago)
Hope that you read it cause you are one of the few avenues to actually reach the devs. Clan war mm should be done at a clan level instead. 1k clan trophies means players will meet other players from 1k clans irregardless of card levels or win percentage. Same as ladder. Its the ultimate middle ground and while it isn't pretty, it's something that works.
jarskii11 (6 months ago)
Well you should just uninstall if you have 0 clan war day wins.
jarskii11 (6 months ago)
I really thought everyone would know that 1v1 game uses ELO always. I mean it is the best score tracking system and is used everywhere so i just thought everyone would know this :D
Ryan Bisson (6 months ago)
No losses on war day

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