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Mine Bitcoin at Home or Work using a Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone! | Free & Easy Bitcoin

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I'm going to show you how YOU can mine Bitcoin using your Android, iPhone, Mac, PC or any device with a web browser and an internet connection! You can now mine Bitcoin at home, work and even on the go! This method is new for 2018 and is the ONLY way I know you can mine bitcoin for FREE at home and it's incredibly easy. Sign Up to Coinbase & Get $10 FREE - https://goo.gl/G4CKRw Mine Bitcoin at Home - http://bit.do/minebitcoin One thing that I would like to point out is the current reward size for mining is very low. Like, very very low. But the website states that once it's released site wide and everyone is online using it, the rewards will be greater. That's because more of us mining will get us more rewards. So tell your family, tell your friends, tell everyone that has ever asked you about bitcoins that if they've ever wanted to get their feet wet, FOR FREE, then they've got to go to http://bit.do/minebitcoin and sign up right now! You can have the bitcoin you earn automatically withdrawn every week to a wallet of your choice or you can leave it on the site and collect a 4.08% interest which is super cool! There are no sites that I can think of that are giving you free bitcoin and then giving you free interest on it! What do you think about this site? Have you signed up? Comment below your experiences! I have been using it for a few years now. Never hit the jackpot but I've earned my fair share of free money. Payments were always on time. I've never had any issues so I've got no complaints. Thanks for hanging out! If you liked what you see here and wanna see more, make sure you're subscribed and have the Bell icon checked off so you can be alerted when new videos just like this come out. -- Watch My Other Videos -- Get FREE Money using eBates! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZQD3Vx7Ahg Buy Silver & Gold at Spot! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9l8nCIKK58 This years HOTTEST Bullion!- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrNZSp_5jPE Find me on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/munkeyspaz Support this channel and shop on Amazon through my affiliate link - http://amzn.to/1VMsTPm Business Inquires: MunkeySpaz @ gmail.com You can visit my favorite online Silver & Gold Bullion dealers below: Modern Coin Mart - http://festyy.com/q3G9fq Apmex - http://festyy.com/q3G9vU JM Bullion - festyy.com/q3G9Q3
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Text Comments (29)
Intellectual Ketchup (4 months ago)
★ .00078 = 8/10th's of penny. It is not 8 cents! This is embarrassing lol.
Aaron Games Online (5 months ago)
I have an i9
Diabetes (1 year ago)
i cant mining the button mining isnt there
Gamez Kid (1 year ago)
I have solved 10k plus problems but income is 0 is it normal?
Parker Henderson (1 year ago)
Bruh! Not even 8 cents 8/10 cents!
Diego Hamid (1 year ago)
I have a wallet in coinbase how do i deposit the bitcoin I earned into there
Ali Abbas (1 year ago)
😑 r u fuckinnn for real this shit is not real
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Ali Abbas yep it is
Ritterm77 (1 year ago)
So this works?
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Maximilian ritter I wouldn't have made the video showing it if it did not.
Big Mouth (1 year ago)
Can u just create a new acct/new email and free roll every few minutes? 😂
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Big Mouth Nah they look at your IP. Besides it's not worth it. You'd make more playing the bitcoin lottery or dice game they have. Lol
Brothers United (1 year ago)
The hells a cpu
Patrick (1 year ago)
question it wont let me change it to my already existing wallet? its blockchain for where i made it would that not work? Or would it be better to use there wallet they give me?
Kerris L Ravenhill (1 year ago)
I've been on this site and it's sister FreeDoge site for the last two years and this new feature its really cool! Moonbit.co.in site is doing the same thing with the In-browser mining rig.
Jackson M (1 year ago)
What information does it use for mining?
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Jackson Moore I don't think they would release that info to us
Intresting I might give it a go I think I can get a old puter to do this with thanks dude
Nick F. (1 year ago)
Is this as efficient as using a dedicated miner? Recently built a computer and was thinking about starting in the off times
Nick F. (1 year ago)
MunkeySpaz ah okay thank you for the information
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Nick F. Oh like minerd? Well it's using the same software essentially. The difference here is you would be mining with a collective pool. We all together would be mining for larger rewards.
Nick F. (1 year ago)
MunkeySpaz i meant to a dedicated mining software that is still run on a regular computer
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Nick F. This is definitely not as efficient as an actual dedicated miner. No where even close. The power used by regular mining rigs is too much for any traditional home or apartment.
abliss2006 (1 year ago)
8/10ths of a cent not 8 cents
Silver Wings (1 year ago)
How do you figure the thread # for our particular computer? Tks.
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+Silver Wings my general rule is 2x your cores. Do a 4 core should be set for like 8 cores. But you'll feel the computer get slower the faster you crank it up
lizard1001 (1 year ago)
What wallet do you recommend?
MunkeySpaz (1 year ago)
+lizard1001 I have a cold storage wallet for the money that I'm not spending. Cex or bittrex are other wallets I keep money. I don't like to let it just sit. I have my bitcoin always working for me.

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