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50k Sub-Special at Disneyland LIVESTREAM

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Link to the livestream: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3WIREgE6hMGy6_OWkoGGqduPheHX_agm Hope you enjoyed and thanks so much to the people who stopped by!
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Text Comments (24)
Blue Scyther (5 months ago)
My favourite card is the laval hound
CNV NECUNOSCUT (5 months ago)
15 tips with LAVALOON please
Rajdeep sinh Zala (5 months ago)
Plz mack a video on ice sprite thanks :)
N. Vee (5 months ago)
Pls dart gob
JoeyTWB (5 months ago)
Can you please do balloon?? 😄I love your videos
Asriel Dreemurr (5 months ago)
Are you dead?
ErnieC3 (5 months ago)
Unfortunatly, if I was, then I would not have the ability to reply :P . But to answer your question: no. My editor was broken and I got it to work again.
Sureshkumar Reddy (5 months ago)
bro plzz make a video on lavahound
super_modhar.me_ 2019 (5 months ago)
OH HOLY GOD SO SUBSCRIBE 50K :) nice dude . XD
Jasmine Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Hey Ernie! Its Jasmine from your past speech class. I would love to meet up sometime so you can teach me some ways on how to create content for youtube! Please let me know if you can! Contact me on my insta @ Qveenjxsmine ! Thank you!!
Filip Dominkovic (5 months ago)
Ice wiz tips
bedosone2 - ROBLOX (5 months ago)
Joni R2D (5 months ago)
His profile picture reminds me of gene from the emoji movie
Burhan Mohsin (5 months ago)
when will you announce the winner of the voting
ErnieC3 (5 months ago)
There isn't a winner, rather I'm looking to see which cards people want the most.
Lollipop PG3D (5 months ago)
Sajib Sarkar (5 months ago)
Brigzy2134 (5 months ago)
Hey Ernie you are my favorite. My friend is titan in your clan. I was wondering if you could lower the trophies for me to join your clan. I am in electro valley. I would greatly appreciate it. And I would hit that like and subscribe button
The Ghost (6 months ago)
Can you show tips about princess
The Ghost (6 months ago)
Ernie c3 i love your videos so much i subbed and like so many of your videos i was just a begginer with clash royale but your tips helped me And my brother to get to electro arena
Mizo Mynamar (6 months ago)
Nice pro
Mizo Mynamar (5 months ago)

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